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I need a Carboy Cleaner because the last time I cleaned was after a long brew and I was tired, I ended up grabbing what I thought was a wash rag on the laundry room floor, but it turned out to be my wife's underwear.

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My carboy's new nickname is ole' stank jug.

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I need a carboy cleaner because in all seriousness i have 6 dirty carboys in my spare bedroom that need to be cleaned and last time i cleaned a carboy, it broke because i lost grip.
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Default I need a carboy cleaner because....

Carboy brushes are just a pain in the bung-hole.
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I need this gadget in a BIG way. When I started out homebrewing I only had buckets, easy enough to clean. When I fell in no big deal. I could rock the bucket back and forth til it tipped over and free at last! Well somone gaveme a glass car boy and wow are they cool! You can see what's going on in there. I loved it so much I now have three of them. Well when you fall into a glass carboy you are pretty much on your own til the missus comes along and tips it over for you after she quits laughing about it. I really need this gadget guys or I'll never live this down.
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An EF5 Tornado may have cleaned out my whole town(Joplin, MO), but it missed my carboys!!!
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A porter, a stout, and a barley wine
have all left their mark on my carboys so fine
I can't brew again,
'til the kreusen residue's gone like the wind
Been scrubbin' with my brushes, but to no avail,
Without this cleaner-thing, I'll have to brew in a pail
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I heard that once upon a time, Sarah Palin had a dirty carboy. Someone pointed out these Carboy Cleaner thingies, and she started shouting: "DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!!"
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Old 12-18-2011, 04:02 PM   #1029
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with this i can get my son to clean my carboys hes only 11 months
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Default Free Carboy/Keg Cleaner

I bought a used carboy with dried krausen sticking to the walls.
It defies my efforts to make my carboy squeaky clean.
A carboy cleaner would make the perfect gift to make the carboy usable for good clean beer.

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