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I'm doing electric to have better mash control and to get rid of the requirement to have propane on hand.

As a bonus, I'll be getting rid of the turbo jet noise from the burner.

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Originally Posted by Bernie Brewer View Post
I knew someone wold post something like that. Let me rephrase.........there is no affordable portable generator that can handle that....
I would disagree... most portable generators that are worth anything can generate at least 30A of 240V... Living in the not so far north where we get lots of ice storms (down power lines and such) lots of people have generators for backup power on their houses... that would be a small one for them, and its something they would already have.

edit: example http://www.harborfreight.com/16-hp-6...b-001b2166c2c0

Reason: added example

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Yes- most portable generators that can generate 5KW continuous* will put out the required power. I would suggest something in the 6-6500W range.

*NOT peak power. Lots of generators are rated at peak power, which usually refers to what they're capable of putting out over a short period, maybe less than a minute, to handle the starting loads of A/C, heat pumps, and the compressors in fridges and freezers, and any other decent sized electric motor that's starting under load.
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Originally Posted by kal View Post
Why? What are the benefits you see with boiling with propane vs electric?

I just don't like an electric element touching my wort. It's more of a neurotic thing than it is a practical issue.

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It's been posted before, but for me it's two parts weather and one part wildlife. For seven to eight months of the year I just can not brew in an open air environment, it's way to cold, and ventilation is not an option in my current home. The other four of five months, I have to worry about the sweet smell of boiling wort drawing bears out of the nearby parks and undeveloped areas, while I love sharing my homebrew, I'm not keen on sharing it with a 600 lb killing machine who's got a sweet tooth.
When my wife and I move into our "Forever Home" (as she calls it) I'll be able to custom build my home brewery, ventilation and everything, but for right now I have to stick with what I have.

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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
I'm doing electric to have better mash control and to get rid of the requirement to have propane on hand.

As a bonus, I'll be getting rid of the turbo jet noise from the burner.
The quiet is a big relief .. 2 advantages of electric are the quiet, and automation...water is hot when I wake up

I mash in the basement with electric, usually very early on the weekend. I don't bother anyone.

boil on the porch with propane, outside..I need to get a good ventilation system and an electric BK for the basement to complete the setup..The bucket heaters for the HLT cooler are setup using simple timers..don't know how to automate propane.
Bill Clark
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I'm converting to electric because I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for propane or listen to that dam burner anymore. I'm also an electrician so it's not that difficult for me to convert.

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