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Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by bwomp313 View Post
i like when people stop by during a brewday; unless of course it's the inlaws.

here that

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Somewhat similar, I guess: I had to move my most recent batch (a Christmas Saison) from the back yard to the open door of my garage due to unexpected "weather." (The garage opens onto the street, by the way, so everyone in the neighborhood could see what I was doing at the time.)

My next-door neighbor decided, in the middle of a delicious little cloudburst in which you couldn't see halfway across the street, to pop over and see what I was doing.

One kegerator-fresh stout and a quick conversation/brew demonstration later, I may have converted my neighbor to the dark side.
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These are funny stories. They put a grin on my face.


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I think the most I had was my Uncle/Cousin, and then 3 different neighbors came out. They were actually really helpful and it was the quickest cleanup I had.

But when I have changed up my process or trying something new, it is nice to have some alone time to keep focused on things
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I love brewdays where no one at all ever disturbs me. I also love brewdays when a ouple friends come over to brew a batch together.

What I don't like is to expect and plan for a solo quiet brewday, and have random stoppers by. It throws off my mojo and usually my aggravation shows.
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Nov 2011
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These are all great... my SWMBO seems to be the biggest interruption when she "visits" me outside. Those visits only seem to include conversations about her "honey do" list. Honey do this.. honey do that... honey can you c'mere for a second (while right in the middle of a potential boil over or just before I have to add my 5 min hops and do all the flame out stuff), honey honey honey... blah blah blah....

I figured it all out now though... I give her an extra glass or two of wine on Saturday night, and she'll sleep in Sunday morning while I get up early and brew up a storm, all alone... just me and the sweet sweet smell of propane and wort.

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I feel for you. Brewing can be very cathartic, and while it is always enjoyable to teach others about brewing, sometimes a brew-session is intended as a means to decompress.

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I don't mind unexpected company, sometimes there are lulls in the process that can use the help of company. I don't like being interrupted during the important parts (i.e. mashing in and getting appropriate temps, just getting to boil over stage, etc.). I do like to explain the process the best I can to folks not familiar with the process, as I still consider myself quite new to the process.

Ryan M.
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Originally Posted by brew2enjoy View Post
Ever happen to anyone?

I try to plan my brew days so that I will be able to do my thing un-interrupted. This way I can take my time and enjoy the process. Well Sunday I got a nice little suprise when not one, not two but seven....SEVEN!! family/friends ended up at my house. And it couldn't have any worse of a brewday for it to happen as I was trying out new equipment for the first time. I was doing my first full boil out in my garage with my new propane setup and homemade wort chiller. It was a partial mash brew and lukily the mash/sparge part was done before this lovely suprise. I was in the middle of the boil.

Not that I don't mind teaching/explaining the process, but I had to basically put on a class! "what's that smell?, why do you do this?, why do you do that?, whats that foamy stuff?, you put your beer in that foamy stuff?, whats that copper coil thingy?......oghghghg!

The good news is, I was able to maintain concentration and get the job done without making any mistakes. Just felt like ranting a bit
Not perhaps the best timing in the world....but it's hard for me to imagine a better "teachable moment" for people who perhaps don't know a lot about our pastime / craft / insanity. Sounds like you took advantage of it, and some teaching & learning took place. Good.
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When I brew alone, I prefer to be by myself.
- Andrew

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