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Nov 2011
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After a year of procrastinating (which I'm very good at) I have decided to start my own home brewery. Now I am a new comer completely. My only experience in brewing is my dad taught me how to set up a moonshine still when I was 12 (which I've forgotten) and being an alcoholic. Instead of doing beer like my friends keep demanding I've opted to start an specialize I'm mead since no one around me seems to even drink it much less make it (though I'm sure someone does).

I haven't started, hell I haven't even bought the equipment. I just know that I want to. I plan on using my Christmas cash on it (if enough) or using my tax returns so I know it'll be awhile before I start. I'm really just looking to get a jumpstart on my knowledge and perhaps acquire some friends familiar with what I'll be doing.

Don't worry I'm gonna spread my knowledge so it's not like I'm a lost puppy all the time (but still the majority).

So first thing first, what all do u suggest I get for this? I've looked at the deluxe something kit on it's like $150 and contains alot more than what I saw on several other google found sites. But any additions or suggestions are completely welcome. I learn quickly and take criticism very well

Secondly though lastly lol, I intend to do two batches (one after the first) to start the process. Probably too much in the beginning but still what will prolly happen. I want to do an apple cider and cinnamon cyser first. Then hit it on a raspberry and perhaps oranges (or maybe blackberry instead) meglen (bad spelling I know) and hopefully make it a sparkling mead.

Anything u can add, subtract, or whatever greatly appreciated. Even good recipes to look at. Thanks in advance and sorry if u see this thread several times. This app keeps messing with me

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Oct 2011
murray, UT
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Id say start with beer or cider. Mead demands time to mature (8+ months). Beer and cider can be drinkable within 2 - 3 weeks.

If I were you id go to my LHBS and get a beer making kit. It will have most everything youll need and you can use it on multiple applications, not just beer.

If you really have your heart set on starting some mead you will not have to buy as much equipment, maybe a gallon jug and a bung and air lock and siphon. The rest of the cost will go towards the ingredients (honey, yeast, spices, etc).

If you're going to make mead, id recommend not getting honey from the grocery store. Honey is not cheap so it might end up costing 10 - 15 bucks for a few pounds of 'specialty' honey at your LHBS, but it will definitely pay off in the end.

And prepare to get sucked into the wonderful world of brewing! If your anything like me within a few weeks of starting youll have many jugs and carboys bubbling away!!!

Good luck and enjoy.

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