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Default Dextrose vs Sugar at priming

Greetings everyone - virgin brewer here! I'm onto my second batch and having great fun! I've been working from a kit. The first time the recipe required added sugar and again at priming but the beer was not flash. This time the kit (a pilsner "Stella" style) has a converter in it (replacing the sugar) and I have added extra hops. I'm going to rack to secondary at 1020 and bottle at 1008. Should I use detrose (which I have) or standard table sugar at priming. What difference in carbination and flavor can I expect? If my recipe calls for sugar is the swap to dextrose 1:1? My biggst concern is avoiding any unplaned detonations! Cheers.

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One of the biggest problems I had with my first batch was using table sugar instead of dextrose. Dextrose has a neutral flavor for beer when fermented into carbonation. Table sugar tastes like cider or sweet apples. I threw out about half my very first batch because of the table sugar and the flavor it added to finished beer. Use the same amount the chart calls for per bottle or 3/4 cup for the whole batch.

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Honestly I don't think it matters much at priming. I think the 'cidery' effect only comes when you use sugar as a primary fermentable in the wort.
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If I were you, I'd use DME (1.25 cups per 5 gallons). I used to use DME, then switched to corn sugar because it's cheaper. I don't like the carbonation from corn sugar as much. It seems a little more harsh, whereas the DME gives you silkier, smaller bubbles.
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Hi Kiwi, I'm an expat kiwi living New Jersey. I'm only on my 8th batch, but I can definitely recommend that you keep sugar to a minimum - only use it for priming. Malt tastes far better.
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Use dextrose, table sugar is a bad idea. Use 3/4 to 1 cup of dextrose depending on how much carbonation you want... or, like Evan suggested use 1.25-1.5 cup of Dry malt extract (DME). I recommend DME, won't really effect the flavor of your beer at all.
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table sugar is hard to digest for yeast...unless you break the bond holding the two molecules together by boiling it. Alton Brown reccomends 5 minutes of boil for 3/4 cups of sugar (no more!) and the sugar should be broken down enough to feed the yeast. his strong point is the chemistry of things after all.
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Has anyone experienced the krausen effect described by Palmer in priming with DME?
"Be aware that malt extract will generate break material when boiled, and that the fermentation of malt extract for priming purposes will often generate a krausen/protein ring around the waterline in the bottle, just like it does in your fermenter."
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Yes, that happens sometimes. It's not too bad, but I have noticed it occasionally when I used DME to prime. I almost always use corn sugar to prime- easy, cheap, and good carbonation. Regardless of what most people say, you can't tell which beer has been carbonated with corn sugar vs. DME. I've had perfect carbonation with both.
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meh, i've definitely had some corn sugar affect my beer. don't bother with the stuff anymore.

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