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Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
Seriously?!?! I can think of at least half a dozen off the top of my head in the bay area that are beer only bars, usually with wine.
What are the names of those bars?

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Well, ones I've frequented include:

The Bistro
The Black Horse Pub

None of those places brew their own beer or serve much beyond beer and an occasional glass of wine. Okay, so Amnesia did do Soju at one point, but that's sort of an odd duck.

I've never been to Beer Revolution, but I don't think they do liquor, I could be wrong.

There are a number of places that are really beer joints, but they happen to serve food as well, places like The Trappist, Monk's Kettle and The Hopyard not sure if you're looking for those.
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Jun 2011
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Was just recently in Battle Creek MI and was at Arcadia Brewing Co. I think they only sold their own beer.

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World of Beer does a pretty good job at it. They serve beer, cider and some wine. If you want food you can order from the places around it and they will deliver food to you.

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Bottle Shop/Beer Bars

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Originally Posted by BirdmanBrewingCo View Post
Was just recently in Battle Creek MI and was at Arcadia Brewing Co. I think they only sold their own beer.
I think they sell liquor at the pub though... I don't remember cause when I went there I only drank beer.

But I think that Place in Marquette, Blackrocks, only sells their own beer, only sells on premises, and doesn't sell liquor. They are a very small outfit who brews beer and sells it out of a converted house.

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Oct 2010
Austin, Tx
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Here in Tejas it is harder to get a license to sell liquor and there are more strict requirements on hours, bar staff, etc, so it can be fairly common. I hadn't thought of it as being that uncommon.

Two of my favorite pubs in Austin, The Draught House and The Dog and Duck sell craft beers and wine, but no liquor. One of those brews their own but the other doesn't. I like the atmosphere of both pubs, but don't know if that is specifically because of them being beer only. Occasionally though late in a long pub evening I will want some Scotch and then I am out of luck.

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Sep 2011
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In Michigan ...

Tavern license ... beer and wine

Brewpub ... make it and sell it ...must also have a (full license) class c OR tavern lic. or hotel lic. (class a or b) ... dept of agriculture has much to say if you make your own as a brewpub.

FWIW ...
Brewery ... federal license ... plus state license (dleg/liquor control comm.) ...and control by mich dept of agriculture.

Tavern Licenses in Michigan ...

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Feb 2011
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Originally Posted by Julohan View Post
Nope, no brewing at all. Just a bar that sells beer only and does not make any beer.
Kegs to go - Über Tavern Seattle -*small joint, BIG SELECTION

in the interest of honesty and full-disclosure, they do have mead, but no spirits.

it's a totally kickarse place.

no taps for light american lagers, but they usually have tall boys of PBR and Rainier.
and also,
malt and vine
seattle beer authority

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There a few in my area but they are just the places that couldn't afford a liquor license.

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