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Originally Posted by rednekhippiemotrcyclfreak View Post
Just bumping this to get comments on the hop schedule above.
Looks tasty to me, but I'm a big citrus hop head. In fact I'd double the dry hopped Amarillo to 2 ounces if you're into a killer nose...


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Bottled it last night, and it tastes and smells fantastic. I don't have an actual can to compare it to, but even if it doesn't nail it, it's gonna be a fantastic IPA.

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Sounds like you've created a very fine beverage for yourself. For curiosity sake you may want to contact the brewer. I cloned a special edition porter of theirs and the brewer was very helpful. Make sure to comment on your appreciation of the brew and I'm sure he will offer some good feedback (i.e. you don't want to sound like you can easily do what they do and you are intending to brew the clone in place of your patronage).

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Theyr'e website had the grains and hops used, the SRM number, the ABV, and the IBUs they bittered to. They only real freedom I had was deciding which hops to use for what, and what proportions to use for the grains to achieve the color and ABV I wanted. The head brewer would be able to tell me these things, and I will try to use that resource if it becomes necessary, but I'll do a side-by-side first and see how mine works. If it's not very close, I'll contact the brewer to tweak the hop schedule.

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As an update for anyone who cares:

Popped a 12 ounce bottle a couple nights ago and found that, somehow, I had managed to bottle it with about 3/16 of an inch of head space. Whoops. It was really flat.

That being said, it tasted good. It wasn't a very good clone, but it was an excellent IPA. The color was a few shades darker, as I expected it to be. I'll open another bottle (hopefully one with proper headspace) in another week, and I bought a can from a bottle shop to try to compare them side-by-side. Once I can get good comparisons, I'll post to try to get some suggestions to dial it in.

Despite that, I may keep this recipe as is and come back to it later. Or build an IIPA from that foundation.

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Sep 2011
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I did my side-by-side last night, and I think it was a success. The nose seemed identical to the commercial version; the taste was very very close; the color was a little darker, but I knew it would be going in; and head retention was the same on both (Terrible. Maybe my glasses weren't as clean as they could be). I'm going to run a 5 gallon batch next, with the following bills:

10 lb 2-Row
2.5 lb Munich 10L
1 lb Crystal 60L

Mash for 60 minutes at 154

2 oz Centennial (10 AA) 60 mins
1.25 oz Simcoe (13 AA) 10 mins
1.25 oz Simcoe (13 AA) 1 min
1.25 oz Amarillo (9.5 AA) 1 min
2.5 oz Amarillo Dry hopped for 7 days

I fermented in primary for 21 days, dry-hopped for 7 days, then cold-crashed and bottled. Hopefully someone will give it a try, and let me know how it turns out for them. Happy Brewing!
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I like a good ipa and have a lot of all the hops. I will put it on my to-brew list. It may be awhile before I get to it though, got a bunch of new hops to try out first.

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MMMM looks like a tasty beer to me! Actually it IS a tasty beer as I am drinking one right now! You need to put this beer in the IPA recipe section!
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First off, thanks to djfriesen for getting this thread started. I'm a big fan of Caldera's IPA and it's great being able to start with a recipe that gets me close!

I've brewed a half dozen all-grain batches and I have a little background in chemistry but I'm still a nooB when it comes to brewing. So far I've had some decent beers but I tend to make my IPAs a little too dark and malty. I'm trying to learn from my errors, so I'm electing to dial back the darker malts in this recipe. I tweaked the hops only slightly because I really like me some hoppy beer and I had a little extra on hand anyway.

I'm brewing this weekend and I'd appreciate any feedback about the recipe. Not trying to highjack the thread as my goal is to produce a Caldera clone- according to iBrewmaster this recipe should come in around 10.1 SRM, 6.5% ABV, and about 97 IBUs (according to an earlier post in this thread, the SRM is spot on and the ABV and IBUs are pretty close).

A few specific questions: this is my first time using dry yeast and that's got me nervous as I only bought one pack (expecting to make a starter, not realizing that making a starter with dry yeast isn't always a good idea). Is one pack of yeast enough assuming I rehydrate it?

Second, my grain bill is heavier than djfriesen's original by about a pound. Should I just add another quart of strike water to account for the extra absorption?

Here's the recipe I've come up with:

Caldera Clone 5 gal

12.5 lbs 2-Row (US) (86% of total grain bill)
1.3 lbs Munich 10L (9% of total grain bill )
0.73 lbs Caramel/Crystal 60L (5% of total grain bill)

2 oz Centennial 10% at 60 min for 68 IBU
1.5oz Simcoe 13% at 10 min for 24 IBU
1.5 oz Simcoe 13% at 1 min for 3 IBU
1.5 oz Amarillo 8.5% at 1 min for 2 IBU
2.5 oz Amarillo 8.5% dry hopped for 7 days, rousing on days 2 and 4

Safale US-05 dry packet

7 days in primary at 65 F
14 days in secondary at 67 F
7 days cold crash at 44 F
14 days in keg at 73 F

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