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Sep 2010
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Yup Nottingham is aggressive, flocs well and leaves a light esters profile....IF you get a good packet of it.

That said, it's a hell of a yeast, just need to watch fermentation temps as it wants to get ahead of itself. But I'd say carb that beer earlier than one day before, maybe 3-5 at least. Nottingham seems to not leave a green taste in beer from the times I've used it. I used on NB Nut Brown kit and kegged/carbed it inside of 2 weeks.... Tasted really great early but of course did get better as the leg sat, as most beers do.

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Sep 2011
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1+ wyeat 3787. Brewed a tripel recently. When i slept it was like there was a monster in my closet.

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Wow this yeast is great. Stopped at 1.007. I made a pumpkin porter. It's been carbing for a few days now and tastes great. It's probably the dryest beer i've ever brewed which goes well with this beer. Nottingham yeast is BEAST!

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Nov 2010
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I don't know what you did different but I pitched a pale ale on a whole yeast cake from Nottingham and had too much water in my kettle so the fermenter bucket was nearly to the top. I had no beer loss an didn't use a blowoff either, just a simple airlock.

I did wait until the wort was about 75 degrees to pitch and then put it in a room with a temperature of 62 degrees. 5 days later it was still bubbling slowly and the room temperature was slowly creeping up to about 65. This is day 6 and I plan to bring it into a 72 degree environment for the next week, dry hop for a week and then bottle.

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Nov 2009
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3711, had it take a RIS from a 1.099 to 1.007 in about a week and that was mashed at 152*.

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S-04 is kind of a beast too. Finishes up in a hurry and drops clear fast.

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Nov 2010
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Originally Posted by beergolf View Post
3711 rates right up there...

chews through anything
planning on using 3711 today for the first time... is it aggressive enough that I'd need a blowoff for a 5 gallon batch in a 6.5 gallon carboy?

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Old 11-24-2011, 01:56 PM   #18

I would have to agree with the 3711 posts until I made a starter last night with Wyeast 3726 to use in brewing the Saison De Noel. It was at 79 degrees, off in minutes and had a 1 + 1/4 inch top foam within an hour!

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You could drink it in 2 weeks in bottles. It will ferment in 4 days but I wait at least a week to bottle. I have had my sample bottle in 1 week after bottling. Tastes good.
Yes, Nottingham Yeast is great.

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Originally Posted by bwomp313 View Post
S-04 is kind of a beast too. Finishes up in a hurry and drops clear fast.

I pitched a pack of S-04 two days ago, four hours later it had taken off, 12 hours later it had filled the 4 inches of headspace in my bucket with krausen, 36 hours after pitching it had dropped clear and krausen is gone.

Holy crappers...

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