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Originally Posted by inexplorata View Post
If you want to make things excessively complex: I had a "situation" with three gallons in a five gallon carboy; had racked into it off the lees and not thought things through. I didn't expect a lot of CO2 to come out (pretty much dry at that point), but I didn't have anything else handy to age it in.

I *did* however have baking soda, vinegar, a beer bottle and balloons. Put a spoonful of soda in a balloon, an inch or two of vinegar in the bottle, attach the balloon to the neck of the bottle and lift it up so the soda falls into the vinegar. Balloon fills with CO2! Clip it off with a clothespin, repeat a few times until you have a few balloons full of CO2.

CO2 is heavier than air, so I gently "poured" it into the carboy, and it pushed the air out. Put on the airlock and left it for a month, it did superbly.

WOW....lost for words. Never would have thought of that. Not sure I want to do that, but cool!

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+1 to inexplorata for ingenuity. It's crazy, so crazy it just might work...

Buckeye, you need to weigh your options. I personally think you'll be fine if you leave it be for awhile. If you wanna keep aging for several months then you might want to do what inexplorata suggested. If you want to rack to the smaller carboy, have some bottles ready to get that last gallon out of the plain batch put away. No sense in wasting cider

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People's brains are interesting....and tasty too.

(See what I did tthere? ;))

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