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Dec 2006
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I was planning on brewing my first lager today but after reading several others post on lagers, I think I need to postpone it.

My brew is an Oktoberfeast all grain from nothernbrewer
5 # Durst Pilsen
5 # Durst Munich
.5 # Durst Med. Crystal
1 # Durst Dark Munich 40 EBC
Hallertauer 2.8% (60)
Bavarian Lager Wyeast 2206 (46-58° F)

Mash Schedule for 5 gal.
122 deg 20 min
153 deg 60 min

Batch sparge
Fermemtation @50 deg for ?? days
Lager @ 38-40 for ?? days

I retrofitted my lager cooler, old school milk cooler, to run from 30 to 70 deg and have been using it with my ales from 60 to 68 deg just fine. Since my cooler can hold 8 carboys I have been trying to divide it and use heaters to run 3 different compartments at different temperatures at the same time. But that’s another story.

I’ve used BeerSmith and have my mash schedule worked out, I use a 10 gal cooler MLT
Protein rest 8.97 qts. 133 deg
Saccrification 5.98 qts at 210 dig
Mashout 7.2 qts at 204 deg

I have read that I should (MUST) make a yeast starter (which I have never done before with any of my other AG ales) so I need to try this out first and according to OB’s (other brewers) make it up several days ahead of time and cool it to my fermentation temp and, something about pouring off the worth and using only the yeast?

I have also read if I cool my worth in the carboy to my fermentation temp (50) and cool my starter to 50 then pitch the starter I shouldn’t have to do a diacetyl rest…
I’ve heard both sides of this and… considering that this is my first lager I want it to come out great so I will be encouraged to try more lagers. I also want to enjoy making it. After all this is only a hobby something to RELAX ME…not to get me ALL UPTIGHT about the PROPER way, the right way, the only way, OB’s way, my way...
Sorry…. I need a beer break.

I’m back feeeel much better.

Just trying to plan ahead to next weekends brew schedule.
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it sounds like you're ready. It's not really difficult- just a little more rigid as far as temperatures are concerned.

You really do need a starter for a lager- it's easy and you described the process perfectly. I decanted the spent wort after chilling, and pitched the 48 degree yeast into 50 degree wort. Worked great.

A diacetyl rest may or may not be necessary- I tasted my lager and detected no diacetly, but did the rest anyway. It really depends on your yeast. (I also used Bavarian Lager yeast).

Relax, it'll be great!
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Do you have a basement in your house? If so, and if it's relatively cool there, just do it the same as a normal ale. If your temps seem a little too high for lager yeast, use German Ale Yeast (#1007). You may be amazed at how close it comes to a "regular" marzen.

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Feb 2007
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i have a pilsner fermenting at around 43-45f I didnt acclamate(?) my yeast when i pitched it so it took around 4 days to start fermenting really good. it is still fermenting pretty good around 3-4 bubbles a min in the airlock im waiting for the krausen to fall before i do a diacetyl rest on it though. im pretty sure i can bring the temps down to lagering temps when i rack it to my secondary with some more ice in the cooler and another frozen water bottle.
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