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I start my boil asap but runnings continue to drizzle out of my MLT as I boil. I continue to collect that sweet precious maltose and add it to the brewpot as it boils for about 20 minutes into my boil. I figure it is a shame to waste it. How bout you?
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I do not, usually on my set up it is only drips very little. Maybe half a cup would come out of it if I let it continue for 20 minutes.

I do feel shamed when I throw out my spent grains that are still packed with wort .

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When I reach my needed boil volume I stop collecting wort. Plain and simple.

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You can use the extra drippings for yeast starter.

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I just collect my pre-boil volume and nothing more
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Originally Posted by HomebrewMTB
You can use the extra drippings for yeast starter.
I see alot of people recommend this, but my problem is that towards the end of my sparge, my run off SG is around 1.010 or less. A starter should be between 1.030-1.040. Are u adding extract to up the gravity for the starter?
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I brew to volume so if I reach a boil and I'm not at volume then I keep lautering. There is no issue with boiling while lautering as long as when you add the hops and start timing the boil you stop lautering.

I know guys who add wort right up to the end of the boil but all you're doing is diluting what you've already collected and not letting the proteins coagulate and precipitate. They're very concerned with collecting every last drop of wort that has been created.

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I don't start boiling until I've finished my sparge by hitting my volume. I don't boil right where I mash so it would just make things harder to start before I was done running off wort.
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I've read that if your 2nd sparge (or 'fly-sparge runnings' or whatever its called) drops below SG 1.010 then you are extracting tanins. just throwin that out there.

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A lot of comments seem to be at odds with the batch sparge process. Batch spargers should be calculating their sparge volume so that the desired preboil gravity is achieved by fully draining the tun. You don't just decide to stop collecting as it has a major impact on your efficiency.

The title of the thread says "hey batch spargers..." so if you fly sparge or don't know the difference, disregard.

Yes, collect those last bits that come out and add them to the boil whenever.
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