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Originally Posted by Zeppman View Post
Thank you all for your responses.

It seems that unless I have a bottom drain in my kettle, the consensus is to take the kettles (or keggle) off the table and to the sink, and then pump cleaning solution and a rinse through the system. I'll be brewing my second batch on my new system soon here, and I'll keep all your advice in mind. Thanks.

Is it common to have white film on the BK element after a brew?
I often have something like that. Scrubs right off. My understanding is that it's protein build up.

Can't say enough about the bottom drain keggles, though. Cleaning and pump priming are so much better.
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3 X 30g Boilermakers/2 pumps/Plate chiller

As soon as the second running's are in the BK, I take the Mash Tun outside and dump it, take out the false bottom and give it all a thorough spray with the hose
After this all cleaning is pretty much CIP I will then Run H2O/OXY through Pump2 and the RIMS tube and follow with H2O. Once the boil/transfer is done I first dump whats left in the BK into a bucket and then transfer (via pump 1) h20(saved in the HLT from chilling) to the BK mix with OXY and let it sit. Then I flush all hoses and pumps with H2O and flush the plate chiller in both directions. I then drain the OXY/H2O from the BK through a drain manifold and spray it out with H2O. It took a few brews to get this down, the key is clean as you go! I get the BK element with a scrubbing pad and it comes out good.

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Thanks for posting the question, I was curious how other people do it as well. My mashtun (10gal igloo) is pretty easy, but getting the keggles spotless with all that beautiful stainless inside them can be a bit of a chore. I'm going to have to try the 1/2 hr recirculation with oxy to see if that will save me some bent-over scrubbing.

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For you people who clean with PBW, do you rinse with the same temperature water that you clean with? That's what PBW recommends, but I don't understand why you would need the rinse water to be warm/hot also.

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Not really necessary. Just make sure you rinse a good 3 times.

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While I'm boiling I scoop out my MLT with a big scooper since I can't dump mine. I found using a big sponge, like the one for washing a car works great for getting grain and liquid out of the bottom. I also use a hop spider to limit debri in the BK. After I get my MLT emptied, and I'm still boiling, I mix saniclean with water in the MLT and circulate it through my RIMs. After my beer is out of the BK, chilled, and in the carboy, I run the saniclean through my entire system. That's it, nothing special. I've never ran PBW through it, but am planning on doing it at some point. I do the same process before I brew too. Only takes 10 mins at the beginning of brewday.

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