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I've been playing around with the idea of using floatation to remove break material from my finished wort.

I've done a little searching around, and the only use I've found for floatation is in the removal of cold break. Could floatation also be used to remove hot break material?

I was planning on using CO2 pumped through 3 airstones to blast tiny bubbles through the hot wort and have the "cake" or mass of bubbles to be scooped/poured off. Not sure if the heat from the previously boiled wort would effect the viability of floatation, but, it would be an easy build.

Looking at just using a corny keg putting an "out" in the bottom, and an "in" near the top. The airstones would be at the bottom of the keg and fed via my CO2 tank. The hot wort would leave the Boil Kettle, and enter the keg through the "in" and CO@ would be injected. The bubbles would hopefully grab whatever they could and push them out the top. I was also thinking of putting a screen above the airstone near the bottom of the tank as an extra line of defense (obviously both the airstone and the screen would be above the "out" in the keg).

I suppose this could be used for both Hot and Cold trub removal. Either way, just looking at some inputs! Thanks and happy brewing.

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