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Do NOT take this as advice.

A good friend of mine had a very similar situation. Land lord was cool with him brewing (5gal) as long as he was not inside the garage, just in front of it and he kept a extinguisher next to him. the guy the lived above him was a PITA, making tons of noise late nights, and got pissed when my friend asked him to keep it down. It got worse, and some bad blood developed. One Saturday while brewing a fire inspector showed up, said the guy had called dozens of times , so he came to check it out. Talked to my friend about what he was doing, and how often. My friend gave him a basic run down, how it was Water, that he always had the extinguisher next to him, and always did it in front of the garage (right on the red fire line paint too). Even told him it was probaly the guy upstairs in retaliation of the complaints he had made. The inspector said he would "look into it" and would contact him if there was a "code violation". Never heard anything about it.

It was here in SoCal too. Not saying that will always happen, just that is what did happen.

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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post

You forget that he was ASKED NICELY not to block the garage and break the law to begin with. I wouldn't call that escalating. I'd call it attempting resolution.
Yes, he asked nicely initially.. And don't get me wrong, I'm for the OP but when he had the car ticketed it became a real quagmire. I would not call that an attempt at resolution.

If they can't talk and settle things it will just be one or the other calling the police or fire marshals until one moves out or things get really ugly.

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To bad the op doesn't live next to me! Try having nearly a whole development of back stabbing posers around! I'd love to have a friend like that next door.
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What is the op suppose to do? Ask and then ask again? Then after that ask again? And wait... after that ask some more? Keep calling and having his car ticketed. This DB doesn't respect you and that's obvious. I would change my set up to electric and brew with the garage closed. Respect those who respect you. Be kind to those who are kind to you. The rest can go eff themselfs.

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Here's what you do, every chance get do this. When ever you see him start arguing with yourself. Do it when ever you go by his door, on your shared deck even when your brewing. Especially when your brewing, just argue about what ingredients to use. I guarantee you he will not mess with you. Sane people don't mess with the crazy ones.
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Reading this thread makes me so glad that I live in my own house in an area free of homeowners associations and with minimal town regulation.

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Originally Posted by copyright1997 View Post
Reading this thread makes me so glad that I live in my own house in an area free of homeowners associations and with minimal town regulation.
your so lucky. i grew up in a quiet town outside of Boston on a farm, then lived in the some nice cities that border Boston. I tell ya, living in the socal beach cities does have its advantages, i do miss the neighborhood type feeling. this place is so overcrowded i really want to pack up and move to the mountains, or a rural place like NH or VT. ive been here for 7 years and its been great, i at least have to stay another 2 years or so to finish some things, but i want out of LA but definable would miss the beach cities. I want a place with no neighbors so close.

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I am a fireman in SoCal and we get these type of complaints all the time. Essentially it is a neighbor dispute and we try not to get involved. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT any firefighter would try to hand you a citation. Heck in my department they took our citation books away because hardly anyone ever wrote a citation and if they did if was written wrong and thrown out of court. BTW I think there is an adapter so that could use 1 lb propane tanks with a turkey fryer. That way you could keep brewing and tell your neighbor to go F himself.
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Do your brewing on a saturday, the ode guys and firemarshal are either not working, or have about a million other things to do. Let him call, give the fire marshal a beer.
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Why no "RDWHAHB" advice yet?

Seriously, I've had bad landlords, bad neighbors, and bad days, but in the end, being positive is the key.

PS: After re-reading myself, I didn't mean to sound as if "ignoring" your issue will fix it. Just put it in perspective.

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