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Originally Posted by Hammy71 View Post
I think your confusing a "Mash Out" with sparge water.
I think you may have confused him with the sparge/2 formula you supplied. That would be for batch sparging twice, which I don't think is what is in his head. He seems to be envisioning a single batch sparge. Whether he is using, or should use, a single or double batch sparging should be clarified. Overall, it is probably best not to introduce new terminology like "mash out" which just adds to the confusion.

Originally Posted by Hammy71 View Post
There will be no reason to dilute the wort.
As long as he sticks to basic pale ale recipes. For small grain bill, low grav beers, he will need to read up.

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Originally Posted by HomebrewPete View Post
Is it normal to have less than your preboil volume after you are done sparging?
No. It can be beneficial to collect less wort and then add water for low gravity session beers where you'd need to worry about extracting tannins, but it's not at all common, especially when batch sparging.

Originally Posted by HomebrewPete View Post
-4.5 galling mash
-collect 3 gallons from mash
-using the equation you provided I should be adding 1.5 gallons for the sparge
His formula is for a double batch sparge, so what he's saying is to use 1.5 gal for the first sparge round, and another 1.5 gal for the second. Or if you're planning on doing a single batch sparge just use 3 gal one time, or for a triple batch sparge use three 1 gal additions, etc, etc.

Originally Posted by Sean View Post
cwi, are you from a different country? Not trying to be rude. Or maybe just out Trolling?
I had the same interpretation of the OP's confusion as cwi. To tell the truth, your post seems more like trolling to me than his does.

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It's not complicated at all. Mash, drain, sparge until you hit your pre-boil volume. This method works for 90% of the beers I may want to brew.

Check out Denny's batch sparge tutorial

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I don't know if this is right or wrong but it works for me everytime.
3.5 gals at 149-155 60 to 90mins depending on what I am making.
4 gals at 168-171 for 10mins.
Then start boil for 60mins.
Simple and it works everytime for 5gals. May not work for others but I hit my numbers everytime. Oh and use a grain crush of .32( this is important).
Just my 2 cents.

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't read the thread in a couple days, but thanks for all the help. Things are starting to make more sense in my head but I don't think it will click until I actually try to put all this info into practice and actually attempt an all grain brew. I think that I was confusing myself a bit using the 2 qts/pound of grain ratio for the mash because the volume of sparge water that people have been suggesting seemed really high (in my mind.)

Now the next step is buying all the equipment necessary to brew all grain.

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