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May 2011
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I used this recipe exactly:

A few questions/areas of mistakes that I need some clarification on:

Poured 6 gallons of 165 degree water onto grain. Temp was 140 when I measured, so I added a quart or 2 of boiling water and brought it up to ~150. Then it sat for an hour. I drained 3.5 gallons of wort out. (Here's the second mess up) I figured I need 3 more gallons, so, while waiting the 1 hour, I heat up some more water to ~ 170. I then add that after draining the first 3.5 gallons. I wait another hour and drain off that for a total of 6.5 gallons of 1.04 SG wort.

1. Since I lose 2.5 gallons to grain and dead space, can I just use 9 gallons of water in my Lauter tun and collect the 6.5 gallons to begin with?

2. My Lautre tun has a sparging nozzle at the top, so would it be better to do an hour with the initial 6 gallons and then sparge the additional 3 gallons next? (Or do I need to do 8 gallons and 1 gallon sparge, e.g.)

3. OR, is what I did ok and it was just my initial strike temp was low and my volume was a little high compared to the recipe and that is why my SG is low?

I know this a rambling message, sorry. But, I want to do a different batch in a few weeks before it gets too cold out! Cheers!

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for batch sparging i usually try to go with about 1.5 quarts/lb grain for initial strike water. There are several online calculators that will help you judge what temp you need your strike water so that your mash hits the temp you are looking for. During the hour you are waiting you can start heating your sparge water. After draining your tun, you will know for sure how much sparge water you need. (preboil amount minus collected = sparge needed). Some people will split this into 2 equal amounts and sparge twice just to rinse better, its up to you. Sparge water does need to sit an hour. Its a simple add, stir, vorlauf, drain. Some wait 10-15 minutes before the vorlauf and drain but its really not beneficial imo. Hope this helps some
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Your sparge shouldn't be more than 5 or 10 min. You can add all of your water at once, it's called no sparge. You have to increase the amount of grain you use. Your wort will be smoother and more robust.
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