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I just found out I'm moving in a few weeks... Won't have the room to brew, let alone have a kegerator, kegs, kettles, mash tun.. etc. IT'S GOTTA GO!!!



Here's the main list:

Older Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator --
The good (for the homebrewer): Converted to a triple-tap tower (new tower as of about 1 year ago) for use with 5 gal Corny/Ball lock kegs. Will hold 4 ball lock kegs with a little finesse. NEEDS TO BE RE-PLUMBED - The Gas and beverage hoses have been removed and need replacing (I have some clean unused tubing that will come with it, but not enough to re-plumb the whole thing. Comes with a gas manifold and all fittings needed to do so. It gets COLD -- like cold enough to freeze a keg if you wanted to (No, I've not damaged any of the kegs by freezing them...). Comes with a Johnson Controls A419 Temp controller (no, I won't separate these). Has a three output manifold installed on the inside for gas to the kegs.
The Bad: The glass rail was ripped off the top by the previous owner (Yes, ripped, not "removed carefully"). The Thermostat in the unit is set on full cold and corroded closed. (hence the A419 -- though it could be replaced for about $25). It could also use a new door seal. This is more of a unit that you'd want to put in your garage than in your living room, but as I said, it does work well.

Six (6) 5 Gal Ball Lock Corny Kegs --
All in clean good condition and ready to use. A few could probably use new O-Rings. Currently, two of them are in use in the kegerator.

High pressure Propane burner -- Bayou Classic SP10

11 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle w/ lid -- Bayou classic, straight up, no fittings, etc.

4 Gallon Stainless kettle with lid -- thin walled, but works.

(1) 6 gallon glass carboys

(1) 5 gallon glass carboy

20# CO2 tank- Came with the kegerator when I bought it. Been around for quite a while, so it's probably out of test, but, I used it until it was empty with zero problems.

5# CO2 tank- Brand spankin' never even filled.

Triple Gauge dual regulator -- medium quality unit, but works very well. (the one you get from Midwest Supplies with their "Brewlogic" system)

Single gauge single regulator -- older Tap-Rite, higher quality unit.

25' Stainless Steel Immersion Chiller

Home built Igloo Marine cooler mash tun -- 48qt, CPVC manifold, brass ball valve. Does not leak. Works like a champ, holds temps well. I got 80% efficiencies without even trying too hard. . .

Perlick sanke adapter -- came with the kegerator. Currently fitted to the single regulator with a party tap for use with sanke kegs.

Misc -- 1 case of bottles, caps, hydrometers, spare hose, some grain, buckets, air locks, blowoff tubes, & mason jars, and some other odds and ends. Also have some odds and ends of various grains that you're welcome to (some MO, 2-row, carmel and darker malts - I think about 10lbs total)... and a lot of other little odds and ends that I'm not going to bother trying to list...

Yes, "or best offer", but please, don't insult me. I have WAAAAAAY more invested in all of this than $1k. even at that price you're making out like a bandit.

for the "split" mentioned above
Kegerator, all fittings, tower, taps, and temp controller = $300
Everything else = $800

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. YOU WILL NEED A TRUCK. Laying down the Kegerator is kind of a no-no (as you all probably know), and it stands near 4 feet tall with the tower.

Please call or text if you are interested. I'd like to/need to move it all this weekend. I'm going out of town next week, then moving the following week... IT'S GOTTA GO!!!

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If you get desperate, i am happy to take about 1/2 of the other stuff. The cornys, carboys, regulators, and maybe co2, all could be used. I have everything else, sorry. I could make the trip up from bloomington/normal or send a friend from Plainfield over if you were willing to break some up. Completely appreciate not wanting to though.

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