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May 2011
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not to sound like a Weber fan boy, I have no problem maintaining temp on my WSM. On longer cooks (depends on conditions of course)I've never had to refuel even on long brisket cooks (minion method). I had the red Brinkman Electric for several years prior and be it my technique or equipment but I suddenly get smokerings and just overall the food tastes better. I can't explain why all things being equal my results would be so much different but it is and actually just gave my electric away because i have no use for it.

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I've had the red brinkman electric for a while now and really like it for all of the reasons that have been mentioned.

My only complaint with it was the size as what I want to stuff it with varies in size pretty dramatically. Some times I just want to toss a butt in there and other times I need to smoke 18 racks of ribs for a tailgate.

My ghetto solution was to go to Tractor Supply, buy a galvanized steel trash can, cut the bottom out except for a one inch lip on the bottom... pop four peices of rebar through the sides (two below, two on top) and then drop round grill grates on each one. I then simply take the top off the brinkman and place the trash can on top... effectively making a four+ foot tall "column-smoker".

Before anyone says "galvanized!?!? you'll give everyone cancer!!!"... no... it won't. I know a hard core professional welder who's been in the biz for about 35 years who says that galvanized is not a problem since as long as you burn it off once. Once it is burned off once, it's gone and it isn't a problem ever again... so... I "seasoned" the can before I used it for smoking by simply placing it over a very small fire going in a fire ring for a while.

Plus... a smoker doesn't get up to a high enough temp for it to be a problem in the first place.

I've been using it for years and no one has died yet.

If I want to just do something small... I use the brinkman solo... if I want to smoke a pile o' stuff, the ghetto smoker makes an appearance
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I currently have two electric smokers(a big and lil chief), a propane Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain, a UDS that I built, and I just bought a Big Green Egg.

I am giving the propane smoker away....I just don't care for it any more.

I use the big Chief for smoked fish, and also when I smoke grains and nuts. It's not hot enough to BBQ big cuts for long periods of time.

I never did care for the taste of food done on the UDS. I know I am in the minority here, but I don't care for the taste of food cooked in the smoke from the fat that drip onto hot coals. I tried a few different drip pans, but that affects the way the drum regulates heat. I use it for a burn barrel now.

I have had some really good food cooked on an electric cookshack. I never tried a Master built electric, but have heard good things about them.

I really like the Egg I just got. It's a really versatile cooker that can smoke low and slow, grill at high temps, and also be used as an oven too. Pizza comes out fantastic on the egg at about 550

I used to have an offset charcoal smoker a few years ago. It was really hard to regulate the temp, but the food came out so tasty.

I guess I am a charcoal guy....I think you can taste a difference.....but I have had some awesome Q from electric and gas smokers too.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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Aug 2012
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Hello friends how r u all i am new here and i want to get more information about smokers products.

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Originally Posted by johnfred01 View Post
Hello friends how r u all i am new here and i want to get more information about smokers products.
Um, so you joined a HOMEBREWING forum to discuss smokers? okaaaaayyyyy.....


I bought a Brinkman 'El Cheapo' R2 unit for $10 at a yard sale a few years ago and at first I was a bit frustrated with it. I ended up moving the heating element further up in the barrel to try and get the temp up a bit. That seemed to work fine. There is no real temp adjustment on this one. It's still a bit low, but less prone to breezy days.

I can't see myself cooking more than a single rack worth of food, but I have 2 racks just in case.

I am especially fond of being able to put a large pork butt on after work and smoking it until bed time and then letting it go until some time the next day. By end of work or so it's just about right. If I could get the temp a bit higher it would go faster, but now I don't worry about over cooking it either.

I'd love to have a BGE as a grill, but for a smoker I'm very happy with my cheap electric.

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Jul 2008
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I just bought a Broil King Keg smoker and first week experience is I love it. It also used to be known as the Big Steel Keg and Bubba Keg. You want to talk about holding temps for a long time on very little charcoal!!! I had a cheapo brinkmann before that I had to check my temperature every 30 minutes, and usually adjust one way or the other. I can already tell i am going to love this thing. The price is up there, but everything looks like very solid construction. I don't see why this shouldn't last a lifetime if I take care of it!

to season this thing I had to get it to 400 and let it go for an hour. I figured I would just let the charcoal burn out after that hour. I put in maybe 15 briquettes. 3 hours later the temp was still at 400 and I had to go to bed. Who knows how long it stayed hot for.

So far my opinion better than the ceramic smokers, and made completely of steel so much more durable.

Also it looks like a big keg..not a bad look for a homebrewer!

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Aug 2012
Los Angles, California
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Sep 2012
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This is a pretty old post but in case anyone is still trying to decide I wanted to throw in my two cents. I have used both charcoal (Weber Bullet smoker) and electric (Masterbuilt) and electric is the way to go. The Masterbuilt is around $200 and has a digital heat regulator on it. You want 200 degrees for 5 hours, you got it. In my opinion the flavor is better than charcoal, sweeter and without any of that "ashtray" flavor you can get with charcoal smoking if you let it go too long or too harsh. You can smoke for a few hours and then wrap the meats in foil and let them finish either in the smoker since the heat is regulated or in the oven. The trays are good quality and clean up easily with a SOS pad. Go digital, go electric, I "guarantee" you will love it. For the common backyard non-competition smoker, it's fool proof.


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I have the same electric smoker and I agree. I love my master built. I have done whole chickens and whole turkeys. I've done lots of ribs and a couple of pork shoulders and briskets and everything always comes out awesome. I like that I can focus on improving my recipe and methods not messing with trying to get your temps right. For anyone that hasn't ever messed with smoking meat before the master built is the way to go.

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smoking some wings...do you think i should broil them for a few minutes in the oven after to try to crisp them up abit(no grill)?

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