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Sep 2011
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Just wondering if anyone has a better/quicker way to clean 40 or 50 bottles to get them ready for bottling?

I clean off the label and rinse out all my bottles after using them so in theory they are cleaned but not sterilized. Then I sterilize + rinse each one individually before filling. Not too bad when I'm using 500ml bottles but when using 330ml bottle it gets a bit tedious and I'm wondering if there is a quicker and easier way out there. I thought about using my dishwasher but the max temp it gets to is 65 degrees.


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Mar 2010
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If you're using starsan or Iodophor (however the hell it's spelled) you can dunk them, swirl and let them drip dry. They only need 2 minutes of contact time and you do not need to rinse them. They also make a vinator some people use as a really fast sanitation method.

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Sep 2011
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Hmmm...unfortionatly I'm using VWP Cleanser and have just bought a big tub of it! Everything needs to be rinsed after sterilizing.

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Jun 2010
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My vote is for starsan. I will be getting a vinnator very soon to make bottling even faster.
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Sep 2011
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I've been reading though other posts about this and I think I've a solution to speed it up slightly. Because the bottles are cleaned/rinsed after use I just have to sanitize them before bottling. So I plan on soaking them in a large sink in the back porch in a sterilizing solution for a while before bottling then I can decide to rinse them all in the dishwasher at once or give them all a quick rinse one at a time just before bottling....we'll see how I go as I plan on bottling 23l tonight!

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Oct 2010
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Give them a run through the dishwasher to clean out the cleanser. Pull them from the dw one-by-one as you bottle.

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Sep 2009
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I would be tempted to skip the VWP, go buy a vinator and some starsan. Once you have rinsed em after emptying, just store em until ready to use..... hit em on the vinator and fill.
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Aug 2011
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I used to fill the sink with water and sanitizer and just sink the bottles in the water. then pull them out as needed.

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Jul 2011
Oshkosh, WI
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I usually put mine through an autoclave on campus. (one of the perks of being a microbiology student). This summer I wasn't on campus and used a dishwasher with sanitary cycle it worked fine.

65C is only about 150 F so I wouldnt depend on your dishwasher.

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Apr 2011
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You dont have beer cases there?
Here I have cut the top of a regular plastic beer case and put another half on top
Makes it easy to rinse 1 case at the time

Here is a simpler version of what im talking about

Nothing too interesting yet
A work in progress just like my beer

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