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May 2011
Chillicothe, Ohio
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Someone started a hop hater thread, which I found entertaining and useful, and it got me to thinking: I haven't ever had a lager I *really* liked. There's just something, I don't know, skunky (sorta), about them. Anyone else feel this way? Before I get jumped on, let me say I've tried my fair share from octoberfests to pils to bocks, and of course BMC, but that only sorta counts. anyway, anyone have a suggestion as to why this may be or feel similarly. Tell me I'm not a freak! Cheers
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If you don't like them, you don't like them. That's fine.

That said, there are some fantastic lagers out there that I just love. One is Capital Brewery's Blonde Dopplebock. It's amazing.

I'm also a fan of many maibocks and several other seasonal offerings by several breweries. (Sprecher's Maibock is great, as is Capital Brewery's).

There are a few pilsners I like and a few more dopplebocks.

A good rich lager, full of melanoidin flavors, is a real treat.

I'm still an ale person overall, but I would never rule out a great lager!
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Kidding. Man I like me some lagers. I make a lot of them.

I can't stand hefe's any more (used to like them). Not even a sip. Freaks unite!
- Andrew

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Jul 2010
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New Glarus Uff Da Bock is also a great beer. Very malty and rich. Teriffic lager.
Thanks for the input

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Apr 2011
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There is a brewery local to me called "Red Oak." They make only a few beers, all German style lagers. Here is their standard lineup. I am an ale drinker at heart but these are some good lagers.
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Jul 2008
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How do you feel about Anchor Steam? To me, it's the beeriest beer out there and would make a nice backwards-gateway into the lager world. It's a little fruity, bitter, and sulfur-free like many ales, but with the crisp lager finish.
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Jan 2011
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I agree with you... There is some taste that seems pretty universal to lagers that just tastes off....
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Have you ever tried a Vienna Lager, or a Mai Bock? Or are you just talking about light lagers like BMC? There's a ton of lagers out there that are pretty awesome.

The wonderful thing about beer is that there's plenty of styles for everyone!!

I'm not a big fan of hefes or wheat beers, myself.
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I'll go with you on this one. I can't say that I've ever had a lager and had a "wow" moment. More like a bunch of "eh" moments. I like to think I've tried a good sampling of german lagers. The only ones I like taste like ales.

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by jeepinjeepin
There is a brewery local to me called "Red Oak." They make only a few beers, all German style lagers. Here is their standard lineup. I am an ale drinker at heart but these are some good lagers.
I just had this at the airport on my way home last week. Having a local brew during my 4 hr layover helped it go by just a touch faster.

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