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My kegging system was bought at my LHBS and they pre-set the regulator for an 8psi serving pressure. So, 8psi as long as you're in the temp range for that beer should by no means lead to an under-carbed beer.

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Kegged for the second time almost 3 weeks ago with some adjustments based on my last experience.

Still trying to tweak it just right, now it seems the guage may be completely shot. Even though I can hear the gas when I turn it up, the needle doesn't move.

This thing is over 10 years old. Think its past due for replacement. New regulator & all.

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Originally Posted by MKEbrew View Post
Even though I can hear the gas when I turn it up, the needle doesn't move.
Have you checked to make sure it isn't caught? Sometimes the dial plate gets bent or twisted in such a way that it rubs against the needle, causing it to stick. You should be able to pop the face plate off and see if the needle moves freely.
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Allow me to add one more thing to this thread - I completely agree with the longer lines are better statement, but until such time that someone is able to procure those lines, here is how you should approach the 'turn down to serve' method:

Carb at whatever PSI you want - i.e. 12 PSI

When you are ready to serve, turn your gauge down to serving pressure - i.e. 6 PSI

You must then PURGE the keg of it's pressure until you hear gas flow and re-check the gauge. You may also need to do this here and there throughout your serving day.

At the end of your serving day, turn gauge back up to 12 PSI.

Why do you need to do this? Once your beer is fully carbed, you have a lot of liquid that is holding 12PSI of CO2. The headspace is equal to that 12PSI. When you turn that gauge down, the headspace is NOT vented (in my experience and knowledge). After pouring a beer or two, it will probably get down to your serving pressure, but in order to avoid a glass of foam, the purge will help. Once this headspace is at 6PSI, it is no longer holding the CO2 in the beer. The beer begins to degas until the headspace is once again at equilibrium with the beer, maybe 11 PSI if you've got a full keg. This takes time, but will eventually require another purge to reset to serving pressure.

The above is also how you can go about bringing an overcarbed beer back down to the right CO2 level.

Moral of the story? Longer lines = win.

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