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Sorry for taking so long for the update.

Bottled it about two weeks ago. This time I racked it after 3 weeks so there was less crap to filter through. We used Cofee filters and a funnel this time to bottle and it produced a much cleaner product. We only were able to get about 3 and 4/5 bottles. I should have added some water to fill it out, but we just got one short bottle.

It tasted pretty decent, kinda muted flavors on the berries. Its a nice purple clear color. I will pop a bottle in a few months to see how its tastes.

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Originally Posted by Hinermad View Post
At 2 days were you storing the bottles on their sides? It's customary to leave them upright for 2 days after corking to allow air pressure in the bottle to equalize before laying them down.

I read somewhere that when bottling, one should leave them sitting upright for 5 days. Does this matter much?
Originally Posted by fatbloke View Post
As for bottling JAO, it's a handy hint to only syphon (carefully) from the clearest part of the brew and when you think that you're getting too close to the sediment (which is a pain, as bread yeast doesn't flocculate very well and is easily brought back into suspension), then you syphon into a pop/soda bottle. That in turn, is placed into the fridge for a day or two, which usually gets the sediment to drop back out. Then once it's cleared (again) you can usually syphon the last of the cleared mead out into a bottle.

The last part that is left in the pop/soda bottle can be poured into a hydrometer sample jar, cling wrapped and re-chilled and the same process can be carried out - if you wanted to. I'm just a tight wad, who doesn't like to waste any of my hard earned brews.

I know the feeling about being a tightwad, I've been known to filter the lees to get as much out of the carboy as I can. Don't worry, I won't add what's retrieved from the lees in the next racking container...

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