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Jan 2011
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one of my eqrliest brewing attempts was a caramel creqm ale found on hbt. i want to go for it again, this time using the all grain instead ofnextract version but also looking for an alternative to lactose. how can i get thw creamy effect but still be ok for a friend who won't touch anything dairy? i asked my lhbs about carapils and they said it would do body but not get creamy.

so, a lactose free cream ale for a lactose intolerant drinker?


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Nov 2010
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I tend to think lactose dosent make it creamy anyway, more slick like kinda like oats.
Did you find yours creamy?

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Oct 2010
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I'm assuming you are referring to a cream stout, not cream ale. As far as I know, there is nothing out there. I've hear aspartame can also give it a "milky" consistency, not sure if that is true though.

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Hm, I guess "creamy" can mean different things to different people! I recently made an amber with lactose, and I really enjoy it. I guess the "cream" for me is more of a mouthfeel than a flavor, but it is such a heavy mouthfeel that there is indeed some flavor component there that is reminiscent of a milky cream.

Anyway, maybe this thread will be of some help:
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I've never used lactose, being somewhat intolerant of the stuff myself but I made a cream ale using oatmeal as a mouthfeel/head retainer and it turned out to be one of my favorite brews, gone way too soon. I have another batch fermenting now. The downside to using oatmeal is clarity, as in 'there is no clarity" and the beer was always a bit cloudy. Put it in a ceramic stein and you'll never know.

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Jamil talked about some lactose alternative in his milk stout show on the bn. Cant remember what it was but it was an interesting show and only an hour.

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Oct 2012
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go over to the recipe section and look up the 'cream of three crops' ale.

should be just what you need.

and, it's a really good brew. i'm bottling one today.

btw... cream ale has nothing to do with actual product from a cow.
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Cream ales typically get their creaminess from the use of corn as an adjunct. You're thinking about Cheezy's caramel ale, although he calls it a cream ale, it really isn't one. It's a god knows what, but it's not technically a cream could however try a corn adjunct such as flaked corn instead of lactose.
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