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Default My caramilized honey mead

Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: wyeast rudesheimer
Batch Size (Gallons): 6.5
Original Gravity: 1.120+
Final Gravity: ?
Boiling Time (Minutes): 62
Color: amber
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 3
Tasting Notes: yummy

Hi ... this is my first post....and I probably have it in the wrong spot.

However, I have just started to homebrew... right now I have 3 batches of beer on the go and batch of mead ( the beers are blanch de chambly style, golden ale and a Canadian draft ) ... I got so exited to start brewing that I haven't let them finish before I put another batch on.

I also went out and found someone selling 21! 23L carboys for $40 ( lucky I know ) he also threw in a " roto keg " is takes CO2 canisters, and it's big enough to fit on my back! ....I'm gonna make alot of freinds.

Well my main reason for posting here, is this batch of mead I put on.... well its doing whats its supposed to do... but.... I worried I used to much honey

I went out and found someone that keeps bees in their back yard up here in calgary. And they reluctantly let 20lbs of there honey go to for $100.... great quality stuff.

I took 10lbs of that stuff and gave is a good dark caramelizing.... not burnt just heavily toasted.... I then proceeded to cool it down, add some water to make a syrup ...( yummy ) then added the last 10lbs of honey to... as chef's call it " temper " the flavor. Put the syrup in a primary topped it up to 6.5 ( roughly 24l ) with water.

I got hold of some " rudsheimer" yeast from a brewing shop that is a 2 min walk from my house. ( lucky again I know ) It's doing what it is supposed to do... itssa gurlglin and bubbling away .... but I am concerned if i used to much honey.... I couldn't even get a decent sg reading it was so heavy ... I guess time will tell

If the end product is to sweet... I can always dilute it with some water yes?

I love this site.

Also I'm looking for a great basic Strong Ginger beer recipe.
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Just curious, how this is turning out.
20lbs of honey is a bit much. The yeast is going to need lots of nutrient to handle the overwhelming sugar content. Have you been adding that in?
Also if you've been keeping an eye on the gravity, I'd be interested to see how that's been coming along.
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