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Dec 2010
Denver, CO
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I'd just like to hear from other experienced brewers. Do you mash out? Is it really necessary? Please give additional info to support your position. Thanks very much!!

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Oct 2009
The Old Pueblo
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For fly sparging it's pretty much a necessity IMO. For batch sparging it's totally optional, and IMO the water could be better used to increase sparge volume.

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Jun 2010
Merced, CA
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I get slightly better efficiency with a mash out. If I'm lazy I just start heating the runnings up the minute the kettle bottom is covered, which should help stop or slow enzyme activity.

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Jan 2008
Lincoln, Nebraska
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I always mash out. I am a fly-sparger and it helps the mash run more smoothly.

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Oct 2005
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I always mash out when fly sparging, and it increased my efficiency by 10% (from 75% to 85%)
I never mash out when batch sparging (which I only do if I am in a hurry). But I do heat the mash water hot enough to get the grain bed up into the upper 160's when batch sparging.

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Old 10-01-2011, 10:45 PM   #6
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Aug 2008
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I batch sparge and don't do one unless I'm decocting a German lager. It dosen't increase my efficiency. It can if you don't have complete conversion.
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Apr 2011
, NY
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I mash out. At the very least the temp increase helps thin out the sugars in the wort so it can flow easier.
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Old 10-03-2011, 02:40 PM   #8
Apr 2008
Cheektowaga, NY
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I don't worry about it, and put the water into additional batch sparge volumes. Too much work for me. Kyle

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Old 10-03-2011, 02:50 PM   #9
Jul 2011
Ramsey & Akeley, Mn
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I mash out as that wort has to be heated to boiling anyway. The BIAB grain becomes much more fluid, which I think makes the dunk sparge easier to extract remaining sugars.
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Oct 2009
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I batch sparge. Tried with and without and didn't see the point of doing it. The first sparge addition is normally hot enough to raise the temp of the grain bed.

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