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Nov 2010
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I just transferred my pumpkin beer from my primary to my secondary. I took a sample and tasted it. It tastes like beer, and it has a small amount of alcohol by taste.

I screwed up in the beginning and did not take a correct gravity reading. Not even in the ball park. So I have no idea what I am at now. By taste I would say around 1 - 1.5%. It has been in the primary for 3 weeks. Took me a while to transfer it just because I didnt have time. I used the extract recipe for this:


Any ideas on ways to raise the alcohol content? Add more extract??

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You can only go by your hydrometer! To me a alcohol taste before bottling is a off flavor not a judge of percentage. What's your gravity now it should give you a idea of alcohol content because you can guess your OG based on starting extracts. I can't see 1% from a fully fermented beer!
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Feb 2011
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My first question is what is the gravity reading now? Did you go by that extract recipe u posted in the link ? If so u can guess what the og was based on that recipe and then look at the sg now and make some decisions . That recipe says og of around 1.053 so unless u messed something up or the fermentation got stuck It should be around 5% alc .

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Oct 2010
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Agree with Austin - look at what proposed OG was, what proposed effciency was, what your typical efficiency is (or if you don't track just go with theirs) and compare to your final gravity - if you add extract you could over power the yeast and end up with a beer that is sickly malty sweet and about 6.5% abv. Relax, let it finish out fermentation, bottle it, rest it for a couple weeks, and enjoy it. Another thought - when you tasted it, did you enjoy it? That's really all that matters, abv is only important for contests (style guidlines) or if people can't handle their drink.
I used to make high gravity beers for the sake of making high gravity beers, now I just make beer that tastes good, and a high gravity in the fall (porter, stout, wee heavy).

Relax and have a couple homebrews (sorry Charlie, one isn't enough for me).
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You can't go by tasting uncarbed beer and know what the abv or even the mouthfeel is. Until a beer is actually carbed up you really don't know how much body it really has. Co2 adds that feeling of fullness to the beer. Think about soda in a fountain dispenser, like at your favorite fast food joint. You ever pull some that wasn't carbed? It was thin and watery, not because the mix of liquids was off, but because the gas was not saturating the liquid.

Just wait til it's been carbed and conditioned in the bottle for about 6 weeks. Then you'll know what the mouthfeel is.
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