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LOL! Okay, here is my recipe I used for my first run last year:

5 gallons in Carboy with campden for wild yeast, room temp.

1 packet of champagne yeast in a bottle of apple juice for 2 days.

Added starter to carboy with 4 lbs of brown sugar.

Left carboy in pantry.

19 days later, it was hella dry, VERY alcoholic.

Added pasterized Apple juice to backsweeten and prime, plus splenda. Bottle conditioned, bottle pasterized.

I didn't have very many bubbles, infact it was quite flat, but it was so good that we destroyed 5 gallons in a week.

this year: Lager yeast, 3 lbs of brown sugar, in basement (cooler).

7 days later, the activity in the carboy sounds like boiling water, and has enough activity to mimic a soccer game crowd.

It tastes so good that I want to drink all 5 gallons, right now. It is also VERY alcoholic. I didn't get the hydromoter out, but I can taste the alcohol, wow.

okay, I thought the lager yeast would make weaker cider. I also used less sugar for this goal. Am i doomed to have apple flavored moonshine, or is there a way to make 8% cider?

Thanks guys.

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The recipe in that thread usually gets me 8.5-9% abv delicious cider. Don't go overboard with the back-sweetening, though. I found that 1/4cup honey per gallon of cider is plenty (bordering on too much).
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