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Sep 2011
coventry, ri
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my tap water comes out at over 140 f I would think that that would kill anything we worry about? raw steak(beef) only needs to be cooked to 135 f to be safe. just a thought.

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That won't kill or knock down the bacteria and wild yeast that can contaminate your beer. None of the bacteria and wild yeast can kill you, but can make your beer taste bad.
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Jan 2011
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You still need touse Starsan or someother sanitizer.

140 is not enough.

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FDA standards says to sanatize with hot water, you must use water of at least 170 degrees and immerse the object for 30 seconds, or 185 for 15 seconds.

Typical brewing standard would be to boil anything that needs to be sanatized.

135 or 140 isn't going to cut it. Raw steak from the store is already handled and packaged sanatized in the first place, so the 135-140 is just cooking it to where it's safe to eat, not taking something that is NOT sanatized and sanatizing it.
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Sep 2011
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star san is so easy to use, and does a terrific job, just follow the directions on the bottle and you wont have an issue. on tap: easy virtue blonde, fruity monk belgian wit. primary: American pale ale, American stout, blow your top steam, and heffewitzen

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You're probably 30° or 40° shy (at least) of the temperatures you would have to hit, and you'd have to maintain that contact for an extended period. Just keeping the water hot enough to sanitize, you'd spend more in energy costs keeping those temps that just using a small amount of Star Can. There's also some brew gear (like racking canes) that you wouldn't want to get that hot for an extended period, unless you want to melt them.

Given that you don't really need to use THAT much Star-San, and that you can re-use it as long as the pH stays in range, I don't see any real reason to futz around with much else. Iodophor if you prefer it, otherwise Star-San does what it's supposed to do for not very much $$ per batch. A lot cheaper than wasting five gallons' worth of ingredients due to infection.
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Pasteurization happens around 160-165F (I always forget the magic temperature) and that's really the minimum you want to go for any sort of brewing-related sanitation. It's best to boil because there are some bacteria that can survive above pasteurization (and even some that can survive boiling) and because the higher the temperature the less time needed for contact, which is really important when you're talking about plastic that will start to degrade or deform under hotter temperatures.

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Sep 2011
coventry, ri
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ok then

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As the great Paul Harvey would say: and now you know..... the rest of the story.

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