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Et Tu, Brew Day?

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Yeah we've been doing and discussing it it on here for years-Spent Grain? Make Your Best Friend Cookies!

More than likely they got the idea from forums like this...
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ATM I dry 4 cookie sheets worth from each batch in the oven at the lowest setting. Once dry I put them into a cheap blender I bought specifically for this, and reduce them to a coarse dust/powder.

Then I am able to sub in some of this spent grain flour into all sorts of stuff like: crackers, pizza dough, pretzel dough, bread dough, dog treats, whatever I would use flour in. Almost all of those have recipes for them if you put "spent grain" in front of what you are looking for you should come up with plenty of threads.
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Originally Posted by Mongrel View Post
My dogs love spent grains. I've made treats for them many times, but they're just as happy to eat straight from the mash tun (this is probably too much fiber, so be ready to walk them).
Originally Posted by subervia View Post
I've been feeding my dogs, friends dogs, mom's dogs spent grains for close to year. I asked my vet and he didn't see anything bad about it. The only thing I have found is that they do help make the dog "regular".
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Thanks for all the input. Ordering about 40lbs for a few batches shortly. I'll be sure to try some of the recipes.... Thanks again all

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I'm surprised this hasn't been said yet in this thread, buy it bears repeating every time our canine companions get brought up. NEVER let you dog eat the hops. It WILL kill them. Grains are fine tho. My sisters and a few friends have dogs and I always make them treats with my grains. They all love me for it.

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Yeah, I buy pretty good food for my dogs, and even then, barley is in the top 6 or 7 ingredients listed. It's OK for the dogs.

NO hops, though. There's a risk (not even close to 100%, but a risk) that your dog could have a genetic condition where eating hops will knock out their ability to regulate their body temperature. They can overheat and die.

Last batch of beer I made, I baked something like 5 cookie sheets full of dog treats and barely even made a dent in the 10 1/2 pounds of used grains. (Well, more like 20 pounds with the water weight...)

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