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High School Science Fair preparation is starting this week.

My daughter is investigating renewable energy, and is considering turning a slurry of pulped yard trimmings into fuel ethanol and water.

We've checked into the laws, and yes, you can do this in an educational setting with underage participants. We've got the sign-off from the teacher and principal.

The question I have is... Does anyone have a recommendation into a suitable strain of either yeast or bacteria? Either will do, so long as it works.

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I think the enzymes you use are going to be more important than the yeast.

If you properly convert all of the starches, then just about any yeast will do.

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You may need some Alpha Amylaze - Beta Gluconase enzymes, then try Alcotec Turbo yeast (very fast and alcohol tolerant)

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The trouble with yard clipping is that they're fibrous and tough. They're difficult to break down enough for enzymes to work on them. That's why cows have 4 stomachs and spend all day chewing.

An alternative would be to produce ethanol from sugarcane or corn. There's a reason that those crops are the primary feedstocks for biofuels right now.
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