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Originally Posted by Apendecto View Post
A lot of homebrewers beer tastes like crap to me and they go banannas for it.
I'm with you. The average home brewer thinks their homebrew is god's gift to man; it usually isn't.

There are simply two kinds of people out there:

-Those that are their own worst critic
-Those that think their beer is great regardless of the naysayers

I definitely fall into the first camp. I feel that while I do nit-pick too much at my beers, I make better beer because I am critical. And yes, I've given up on batches and poured out some beer. Life's too short to drink crappy beer, espeically when I can just make another batch.

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I don't buy it. #1 I have plenty of "some assembly required" furniture. It ain't IKEA, it's Sauder. I HATE the assembly, and I don't like the furniture other than it fits the budget and performs the function in a passable manner.

I do find a satisfaction in "do-it-yourselfing" - but it is the satisfaction of independence - I often keenly aware of my product's shortcomings. The affection I have is more of a "I don't need no steenking (insert name of professionally made product)" attitude.

I don't think the IKEA effect can be so strong as to cause somebody to think that something that is only so-so is really top-notch.

I would also point out that there are some things professionally made that will never come close to home-made. Hostess baked goods are one of them. I'd rather eat a flopped homemade brownie that stuck to the pan than a Ho-Ho. Oddly enough I've met people who prefer a Twinkie over a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Finally, a large part of my motivation for "do-it-yourselfing" is value. While I might not be able to brew better than the best microbrew - I can certainly brew a better beer than Miller and that beer will be cheaper than microbrews. An old internet aquaintence of mine was involved in the wine importing trade. He said you could always spot a wine-snob wannabee because they would be raving and gushing about how excellent the most expensive wines are. He said the guys who REALLY know and enjoy wine get excited about a good value - something that is better than the price indicates.

I believe that's what All Grain homebrewing provides - value. A good beer, that is a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay in a liquor store or brewpub.

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Pride's the best seasoning.

To me, my beer is delicious. Maybe I'm being insufficiently self-critical but screw it. It tastes good. There's lots of it. Down the hatch.

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I agree. I've never made a batch so terrible that it had to be dumped (crosses fingers). But I have had batches that needed more time in primary & bottles to clean up. They still turned out decent to pretty good. But I am critical about tweaking my ales...it's a never ending quest.
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