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Sep 2011
Norco, Ca
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I pay $6 for a tall glass of Hefe at the local brewery in my city. I feel it's worth it. Yum. If I learn to brew my own what can I expect a tall glass to cost me once I have all my equipment down? Just curious.

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Nov 2010
Parris Island, USA
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some online vendors claim to have kits for ".50 cents a beer" basic basic stuff.. thats obviously not including cost for equipment... It can be really "cheap" or really expensive when you starting getting into imperials, etc.

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Dec 2007
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*Laughs uproarioulsy* Ah, the naivety of the new brewer...

Don't even think that this is something that you can save money on....

I probably spend MORE on commercial micros of an expensive nature since I started's called research.

Especially hanging out on here, you read about so many interesting beers that you just have to try. You want to brew a new style, so you have to try a bunch of different versions. You want to make a clone of something so you have to keep buying to try to nail it. You have a full pipeling, with 3-4 beers drinkable, but you just happen to be in the mood for a double chocolate bourbon jalapeno porter, so you drop 12 bucks for a bomber of it.

When you start brewing your beery horizons broaden so much, you really can't escape buying beer.

(Heck, I'm getting a feel for the bock style of beer, and looking at brewing one, in one weeks I bought 3 different sixers of it, one of them was 14.00 for the six- Bell's Celebrator Dopplebock.)

Not to mention new shiny brewing toys, ingredients, yeasts, books, magazines, and whatever else I can do it.

You can't escape it. You're gonna be buying gear, ingredients AND beer.
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Sep 2011
Austin, Texas
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5 gallon kits are $20-$50

40 pints in 5 gallons.

Revvy is right though. It's like being on crack. Just racked my 15th gallon and I'm only 3d weeks in....
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Feb 2011
Joliet, IL
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Yeah, just put those thoughts of saving money right out the window. That's simply not going to happen.

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May 2011
Seymour, Indiana
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The way I explain it to my that it averages 12 bucks for a 4-6 pack of micro brew from the local liquor store. That's 48 bucks for 24 (a case) that's 96 bucks for 2 cases which is basically what I brew for around 30 bucks. Although the equipment off-sets those figures but she doesn't need to know that
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Jan 2010
SF Bay Area
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Yeah, the 2 great myths:
1. I'll save a lot of money
2. I'll stop drinking commercial beer.

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Oct 2006
Moline, IL
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Originally Posted by LandoLincoln View Post
Yeah, just put those thoughts of saving money right out the window. That's simply not going to happen.

It's technically possible, but I don't think anyone in the history of brewing has actually pulled it off.

There's just too many cool toys out there.

Hell, if I stopped buying gear right now (not gonna happen) I would still probably have to brew 200 more 5 gallon batches before I hit the break even point compared to buying microbrews from the store. If I did the math right now, including gear and ingredients, well, let's just say I don't want to do the math.

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Mar 2011
Mooresville, NC
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This is why I'm stuck on Apfelwein now. I will start the beer again soon, so I fear I am doomed!

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Originally Posted by Frank99 View Post
Yeah, the 2 great myths:
1. I'll save a lot of money
2. I'll stop drinking commercial beer.
I have almost completely stopped drinking commercial beer. Every other week or so I'll stop and buy a single bottle of something that I'm planning on brewing, a "calibrator". Verdict: NOT A MYTH

You probably could save money doing this, but only well after you stop upgrading the system. I'm at that point now. I'd say I save a lot of money compared to buying. VERDICT: MYTH IN THE SHORT TERM, TRUE FOR THE LONG RUN
- Andrew

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