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Originally Posted by rellot View Post
Well, I think people do steaks like New York Strip Steak or ribeye or t-bone. I haven't yet, but I was planning on doing some sirloins soon. Are you thinking there would be a problem with this?
It works beautifully, I promise. Shoot a tiny, tiny bit under your intended final temp, SV it for however long you're planning and then sear it in the hottest damned cast iron pan you can muster.

SV steak is absolutely fantastic.

I'm glad other people have thought of this. I've been working on my eRims setup and this is one of the best uses I can think of for it. The next time we have any kind of larger event at my house I'm going to set up 15ish or so SV bags of whatever the main protein is and just cook them in the MLT. A quick sear and the main meal is completely done with no real work involved.

Not many people have an immersion circulator that can handle 15 gallons of liquid. They're all using SV Magic's and Demi's and other small setups, or those lab circulators which are horribly expensive.

Plus it looks really cool

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This is why I love homebrewing... Genius!
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Special Hops
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What the hell is sous vide?
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Click on the word sous-vide in the original post, and it will tell you all about it. It sounds like the low and slow method of smoking has made it into the kitchen. I know tough beef cuts benefit greatly from long cook times. Perfect examples i have experienced are smoking a brisket or cooking a roast in a crock pot. I may have to give this a shot. I have a 3 tier propane setup, so I may just use my cooler MLT to hold the temps, and add some boiling water here and there.

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People have been trying it on here since March.

I keep meaning to get around to doing it.
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Originally Posted by Special Hops View Post
What the hell is sous vide?
French for vacuum.

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I have done 10-12 hours at 175-185 in my cookshack 50 smoker, seems to need some time above that to get really tender... I have best results at 200.. but I think you go 200 for the last hour and be fine... assuming you have it in a bag, you can probably feel it, whereas in the smoker I check by feeling the thermometer probe go through the meat... FYI, did my inaugural BCS Electric brew Thursday on the porch, you know, when that Monsoon rolled through... nothing like 240V/50A and sideways rain... LOL

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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
I've got a brisket going overnight in my electric HLT. 175F. We'll see how well this works tomorrow.
Closing the loop on this, 24 hours at 175F was perfect. This brisket was super juicy and tender, far better than those I've smoked. You will pour a bunch of melted fat out of that bag at the end, but the meat retains a lot of it too. Highly recommended.

I haven't done any further sous vide, but I intend to. Just wow.

I think I posted this above, but again this site is full of great info. I followed his recommendations for this brisket.
- Andrew

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I've been using my mash tun for sous-vide more than for beer lately. I think that's a cardinal sin. I ought to get back to beer.

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working backwards, I have a diy sous-vide with a lab recirculator that I built a few years back, maybe i should try mashing in it...

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