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Mar 2011
Orlando, Florida
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I am new to wine making and I have not even bottled any of the batches I have made so far, but I had to try my hand at skeeter pee. Here is what I have done so far. Can't wait to try these. I used the yeast cake from a green apple reisling kit which used puree cuvee. I have not seen many posts about how to make different flavors without using real fruit, so I decided to try concentrates. From left to right in the second picture is:
1/2 gal Skeeter Pee
1 gal Blueberry Pomagrante
1 gal Strawberry Breeze
1 gal Skeeter Pee
1 gal Bacardi Strawberry Daquiri
1 gal Bacardi Peach Daquiri

The picture of the single gallons is after I added sparkalloid, kmeta, and campden tablets to the whole batch and degassed. I had just racked and you can already see all of the solids that was in the Bacardi mixes. Maybe I should have used a strainer? There is also fruit solids floating at the top from the Bacardi, as you can see in the last pic. Guess I will have to be careful when I rack. I still have to backsweeten each one when I bottle and that is going to be a pain. But I wanted to try all of them the first time, and next time I will know which one is better and just make a full 5 gallons of it. If anyone has any tips on how to improve my process or any ideas, let me know. I am still new to making wine.

I will post pics after they clear.
Click image for larger version

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Aug 2011
Winder, Georgia
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Hey man looks pretty good. I have just started in the wine making venture myself. I might be wrong but everything I hav e seen suggest keeping it in the dark at about 65 to 68 degrees. At least for blackberry and peach. Those almost look like my peach except for the darker one. My alcohol is at about 14%. I am at 6 weeks on the blackberry 2 weeks on peach.sad part is I don't drink wine

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Mar 2011
Orlando, Florida
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I keep them in the dark, and the ambient in my house is around 72. I kept the alcohol lower on these at about 10%, and depending on how they turn out I will see about raising it next time.

I am at 6 weeks on the blackberry 2 weeks on peach
Did you use concentrates or fresh fruit?

sad part is I don't drink wine
I don't like the "traditional wines" that are dry or the full bodied reds, of course I have never had an expensive one either. My favorite wine is Cantina Bianca, a mix of muscadine and muscato that is really sweet. I bought it when I was in Gatlinburg. I also like the sweet sparkling wines like D'Asti which is muscato. Thats also why I bought the Green Apple Riesling kit, all of the reviews said it is sweet and fruity. I also bought a Muscato Concentrate from Williams Brewing, it was one of only two places I found that has a muscato kit. But it is really concentrated at 192 ounces to make 5 gallons ( I have read many posts that say the more concentrated the less flavorful the wine will be). It is bubbling right now and smells great, can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Jul 2011
Caldwell, Idaho
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Subscribed want to see how this turns out

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Jun 2007
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Which was your favorite?

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Oct 2011
Newton, NC
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We too like sweeter wines. None of our regular fruit wines (4 different ones) are ready yet - all started this past fall

We are on our 3rd batch SP

I did the Bacardi peach and strawberry. 1/2 gallon of each - They were OK Filter through cheese cloth to remove the bits when racking. Most everyone was a bit turned off by the fruit pieces.

I bought 64 oz bottles of 100% fruit juice simmered them down.

Our favorites cranberry and black cherry cranberry <<<<this one bought rave compliments

Blueberry - good

Blueberry/pomegranate - good

One I added white grape/raspberry frozen - very good

Another frozen concentrate white grape/peach - very good

Major flops 2 of the V8 infusions strawberry banana, peach mango both went down the drain. We will get our vitamins from eating fresh LOL

Our 2nd batch Simmered down frozen 12 pounds of 4 berries (strawberry, blueberry, black berry and red raspberry) from Wally world added as an f-Pak we actually did 5 gallons of this. - everyone loved this one

Our 3rd batch we started with 15 oz of lime and 15 oz of lemon juice to cut down on the acid because we both have acid reflux and the SP bothers our stomachs.

I do not plan to add a 3rd bottle of lemon.

We will be removing this from primary tomorrow. And will make 1 gallon of our and others favorites.

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Jan 2012
glenville, wv
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ive not made skeeter pee but will be a new adventure this is interesting as long as there is no preservatives or anything in the concertrates been my experience thats hangover med. im making mine staight the 1st time then will try this thanks for the idea let me know how it turns out

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