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Just one...

A batch of skeeter pee had a floating thermometer in it. The tip broke and all the "steel" shot and glass fell into the fermenter. I wouldn't have minded... (glass sinks, steel is inert), but there was a terrible metallic taste after 6+ mo in the carboy, so I ended up dumping it.

The steel shot was magnetic, so the iron content must have been very high.

Edit: I no longer put any glass directly into the wort or must (except for pyrex, very rarely).

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Just one. Many years ago, before kegging a beer, I intended to add Polyclar to it to clear, unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong container and added some kind of cleaner/sanitizer to it. Had to dump the batch.

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When I first got started I tried to go right into stouts my 2nd or 3rd batch, and I didn't really get that less is more with stout grain bills. Way too much roasted barley, chocolate, and black patent. So harsh in the bottles it got left behind the bar for a year and a half, at which point it was actually half decent.
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Pitched a single vial of English ale yeast (no starter) into a 90ish degree porter and then let it ferment at in high 70s ambient temps. It smelled exactly like Tri-Flo bike lubricant and was totally undrinkable, even a year later.

On my first PM, I didn't know that you had to wait to let the mash temp equalize and I threw a bunch of ice in because I thought the temp was too high. End result was a cool mash and a very thin kinda nasty beer.
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Just a couple batches from separate yeast harvesting issues. For some reason the yeast wasn't strong enough and bad things took hold before the yeast.
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Not entirely ruined by normal person standards, but I like to consider them failures.

1) First batch: APA recipe out of How To Brew. Anemic boil, pitched low viability vial of wlp001 straight in at 80*F, fermented at ~77*F. Tasted like Belgian-y plastic water.

2) Second batch: IPA recipe of my own creation. Was going to rack onto yeast cake, mistook 160*F for 60*F and poured wort straight on, killing probably the entire cake. Had another low viability vial of wlp001, pitched that straight in. Also, only about 1 oz of hops in the last 15 minutes. Not terrible, but didn't taste anything like an IPA.

3) Fourth batch: NB Ranger clone from BYO. 2 pounds of cane sugar in a 1.064 beer. Still has a cidery taste 3 months later and is under-attenuated from what I'm presuming to many simple sugars initially in the wort, or just low yeast viability.
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Depends. Had a couple batches go sour, but I don't mind that. One ropey infection and one gusher. All of them were probably due to a sanitation error.
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My friends and I decided to secondary in 6.5 gallon buckets for our 15 gallon blonde ale....what a mistake. The mold was gross, the taste was horrible. We bottled some anyway just to see if they would turn out ok. They did not, year later we dumped all of it.
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I had to pour out a Pliny clone. Not sure exactly what went wrong, but I think it was one of the following or a combination of one or more of the following:

Pitched bad yeast
Not enough yeast
didn't cold crash
too much of a hurry
too much hops
too much trub transferred
poor water treatments.
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1. An infection, probably due to an unboiled water addition (new store bought gallon jugs).

2. Over back-sweetened a chocolate milk stout.

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