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Old 09-20-2011, 12:38 AM   #1
Jul 2011
canandaigua, NY
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Im interested in the many times you have destroyed a brew, and how.

So far my experiences are, One infection, and one beer that just wasn't right and idk why.

I hope that this thread will attract young and old to share the many disasters brewers face and how to avoid them. Or maybe just a few fun stories.

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Mar 2008
, Washington, the state
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Not too many. When I started brewing it was my friend and I and he insisted on something like 2.5 lbs of roasted malt in a RIS, man it was like an ashtray. I also did a 10 gallon batch last year, in one of the carboys the seal broke and it was the worst acetaldehyde I've ever tasted, the other 5 gallons was fine.

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Feb 2011
Santa Rosa, CA
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only one infected beer, still not sure how - not even a good infection which i often try to do on purpose. just a belgian pale ale that got some nasty fuzzy acetone carpet on top... i've tossed in cherries and brett and will let it sit for a year and see if i can save a bad beer.

beyond that, ruined two others, but they were my first two attempts at a partigyle and were low alcohol (2% and 2.5%) and they're undrinkable and never got bottled. my 3rd partigyle came out at 4.5% and i "ruined" it by overhopping it not realizing how little body is in a partigyle. but it's fine for me being a hop head, i just wouldn't serve it to anyone.

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Aug 2010
Santa Cruz, Ca
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3-5 gallon batches so far. Switched to all grain and first batch used all tap water. Tasted like hopped pool water.
Another batch got a pedio infection and had to dump. Oxy soak and bleach soak of bucket to kill infection resulted in another 5 gal of pedio. Beer and bucket went right into the trash.
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Originally Posted by nootay View Post
Its not terrible, but i get an armpit armoma and flavor.

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Aug 2010
in Da UP eh?, Michigan
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i put a tsp of wormwood in a fermenter full of Scottish ale talk about nasty I use its slug poison in the garden now
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Jul 2011
Saint Paul, Minnesota
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drank 8 Red Hook Long Hammers then steeped grains at about 190 for 15 minutes...forgot the hop schedule, pitched too high and fermented hot. Learned my lesson...
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Old 09-20-2011, 03:59 AM   #7
Aug 2008
Pearland, TX
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My very 1st beer was undrinkable. I think it was due to fermenting high, bottling poorly (no carbonation) and probably old ingredients (LME in a can). BTW it was a Bock and was recommended by the LHBS employee as a 1st beer. It was fermented at Ale temps.
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Jan 2009
Dallas, TX
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Two separate batches of blonde ale. Pretty sure they just fermented at too high a temp. Stupid Texas summers.
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Jan 2011
Oxford, OH
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Had my first two go bad this summer: a hefe that didn't get boiled long enough with a heavy pilsner grain bill and then had to cool overnight. That one ended up tasting like cooked veggies with a nice sulfurous aroma to boot. Second was this batch of Ed Wort's Oktoberfest that my buddy put in his keezer for me (since I've got no temp regulation aside from the swamp cooler). When I pulled it out of there three weeks later, it had mold growing on the outside of the fermenter. Beer was sour, and two weeks after bottling every bottle has crud floating on top of the beer. They also basically explode when you open one--everything in the bottle jets out in a geyser in about half a second. So there's somewhere between $70-80 down the drain. Le sigh!

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Jan 2011
Zephyrhills, FL
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First brew with no help or real instructions (my days), kept specialty grains in sack for full boil. Actually turned out okay (so not technically ruined).

Made an ESB that just doesn't taste right. No clue what I did wrong but letting it celler to see if it gets better.

I just pitched a Berliner Weisse because instead of the Lato taking hold like planned i ended up with fuzzy green mold.

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