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Post a recipe if u get one. Thanks
Doo's Brewin'!

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At a minimum I roast Buckwheat and millet and soak them in the water before I bring it up to a boil. Buckwheat gives off a more nutty taste and I usually do anywhere between 1 and 4 lbs of roasted buckwheat and millet. I also use a bit more hops in just about every brew that I do.

If you have more time, I suggest you malt your own grains. I malted a few lbs of buckwheat and used that in conjunction with the soghum syrup and the beer turned out really well. Depending on how much you roast the grains, you can add color to your beer. For stouts I almost burn 4 lbs of buckwheat and seep in the water before the boil for an hour (I also add coffee as well so that helps with the stout color).

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Sorghum beer is one of the traditional African styles of beer making.

So this is a very crude recipe by western standards

So I just spotted this product (KING KORN) in one of our local stores down here in here in Africa. Its malted sorghum that is mainly used in african beer for traditional events.

I bought 2 bags today and im trying it out now.

So here is the recipe. I haven't tried it (some people say that its pretty rough(I'm going to deviate a bit from the traditional path... and go with a bit more of a European approach on some points))

Add 10 liters of boiling water to 2kg of Maize Meal (a rough Corn Flour not syrup)
Add 1 kg Amablel-Mabele (MALTED Sorghumn)

Mix well let cool over night. (Apparently it goes sour...)

Next day cook for 1 hour.
add 5 liters of cold water leave to cool (temp not specified)

Add 1 kg Amablel-Mabele (MALTED Sorghumn) to cooled mixture and leave overnight.

Strain the mixture the next day and leave to ferment.

OK now this is where it gets interesting.

There was no yeast additions in African beers so most traditional brewers just let it ferment naturally...

However we have traditional brewers yeast available in our grocery stores so im just going to bu one of those.

Traditionally it is served after 2 to 3 days in a calabash (a plant with hard fruit that are dried out and used as containers in africa)

Im going for a full 3 week fermentation and bottle conditioning.

See soon

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