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Let me state unequivocally that Monster Mills are MADE in the USA. Our rollers and frames are machined here in Atlanta, from materials made in the USA. Our hoppers are cut in North Dakota. I've asked my hopper manufacturer to find out where the material is made. I'm surprised that anyone would think that just because a picture of our mill was posted on a Chinese web site, that it would indicate that our mills are made in China. I've seen the site in question, and the text references a different mill altogether.


Someone has been trashing me here on HomeBrewTalk now for more than two years, and I'm sick of it. My company has been trashed, lies have been told, and misinformation has been spewed time and time again by someone about Monster Brewing Hardware, and our mills. I don't have time to read the boards, and don't follow everything that goes on here, or on the other boards, but I do check them periodically, and do search for mentions of our mills. Imagine my surprise when a past customer that I thought was dealt with fairly, and I thought was happy with their mill, starts trashing me on HomeBrewTalk, and then continues to do so for the next two years.

This kind of thing happens all the time on boards like this, and I feel that many times businesses are treated unfairly. Please realize that what you read may or may not be the truth, and that there's always two sides to any story.


~~fred francis
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Reason: Removed personal content

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Perhaps that "someone" can post a rebuttal here. Frankly, I don't understand why "someone" hasn't handled this directly with you. I read the unedited version of your posts, and I did not see anything about a problem in them. I saw that he mistakenly thought there was a keyway instead of flats. That's it.

Thanks for updating this forum with facts regarding your mills. Facts are good.
- Andrew

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I don't know much about either side of this particular event or customer but I will throw a few comments in as a new business around here. In cases where a customer is unhappy with the product as they received it, there are times when nothing you offer will make them happy. Bending over backwards is sometimes too little too late and I'm sure in the case of mill customers, they just want to hurry up and run some grain through it. They will keep the item they are not happy with because sending it back and waiting for the replacement is already too much trouble. However, they'll likely regret that decision after a short time and remain resentful of the whole deal. Of course I don't know that this is what happened but I'm speculating based on what I've been learning about customer service this year.

Ultimately the Internet has been a blessing and curse for vendors. There can be 5000 completely satisfied customers out there and it only takes one with a bad experience to give you more negative reviews than you deserve as a whole. Luckily I've been able to meet or exceed expectations but I'm sure I'll get nailed someday.
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the problem with this "someone" is that they never even asked for a refund, replacement parts, or any such item. The last correspondence I have on file from this person was that they would press a bushing back into the knob, all was said and done, end of story, and that is it. The next thing I know, there's posts over here trashing the Monster Mill. The customer explained to me that they were and A&P mechanic, and he even listed several of the large expensive pieces of equipment that were in his shop. I figured surely that he could handle pressing in a bushing. The girl that works for me does it all the time without issue.

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I edited out personal info. I was, to be sure, erring on the conservative.

Let me state unequivocally that Monster Mills are MADE in the USA.
I feel that many times businesses are treated unfairly.
These to me are the relevant parts of the discussion. HBT will not facilitate a "he said, she said" back and forth between two individual members.
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You cant please every customer even with the old "cup and stroke" customer service.

Let that guy live in his negative world. Karma will get him.

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Oct 2007
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only problem is that so far its only been a "she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said" because I don't have time to read all these boards and defend myself.

I completely understand HBT's position and respect that. This isn't the place. I can post the whole discussion on my own site if I want or e-mail it to anyone that asks.

I was just so darn MAD.


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Seems to be a problem with forums. Satisfied customers are happy with a product, may give you a thumbs up and go about their day. Get one who perceives he/she has been treated unfairly and they want to make sure the whole world knows about it.
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Fred- as far as I know, several people have stood up for you everytime this comes up. Beemer means well, but even by his own admission is pretty crazy.

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I have a 3 roller Monster Mill and it's great. I have nothing but good things to say about your product.

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