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Aug 2011
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Originally Posted by WortCarboy View Post
Thanks for all replies.

Made a list of the beers listed and will head to the beer store and see what they have. I don't think they will have most of them and I know the prices will be way more than you guys listed (beer prices are brutal up north).

CanQuaffer - Didn't know Defalcos sold those bottles that cheaply. Definitely going to swing by and see what they have. Love that place - smells amazing when u walk in. Might have to take you up on that offer too, if they're sold out.

Ellis - Something about popping a glass bottle and pouring a beer that just appeals to me.
Yeah, if they're sold out, drop me a PM and you can have some of mine. I think I have at least 2 dozen for ya. Do yourself a favour though, go to a good LCBO location. They have more variety than the Beer Store and they carry those Polish lagers I was telling you about. The Beer Store doesn't, as far as I know.

And yeah, Deflaco's smells great! Too bad it's the smell of fermenting wine and not beer though.

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Sam Adams bottles have always worked for me

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Go to a grocery store in Hull and ask to buy back some empties. The best ones that are usually available at a grocery store are Leffe.

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Jan 2009
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I like to go to sams club and get sam adams 24 packs for around 21 bucks. good beer and the labels are easy to remove
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Yeah, forget the pop tops, not only are they few and far between, but in Ontario the prices you have to pay the extortionate prices for the beer inside. Brewing in Canada can be rough sometimes but the one good aspect is that our twist offs are designed to be reused many times. That means you can reuse them too! Even wing cappers work!

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It's crazy to think that two cases of decent beer costs more than a used keg.

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Aug 2011
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Originally Posted by WortCarboy View Post
I currently have a red ale fermenting and am getting very close to needing to bottle.

I went to the beer store yesterday and didn't really know what to buy. I ended buying a 4 pack of grolsh and over-payed way more than I wanted to.

Looking to start drinking this weekend to stack up.

So what beer is commercially available that is reasonably cheap, a pop top, and in a brown (Not sure if green in ok) bottle?

I live in Ontario Canada.
I Dont understand why no one mentioned this but you dont need to go out and buy bottles or buy beer for bottles. Go down to your local recycling center and pick up however many you need. Wash them, scrub the insides of the bottles good, soak in oxyclean to remove labels, sanitize with starsan and dry. I have about 300 beer bottles I got last weekend and spent my sunday cleaning them

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Kirkland beer? really? I'm going have to check that stuff out. I can't imagine.

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I second checking out the bars & recycling centers. I have a mountain of bottles. Even 45 cooper's PET bottles in 25oz (740ml) size. Enough for 6 batches or so. We have the capacity to brew 12 gallons at a time. So that's 132 bottles or so. I also have to,unfortunately,deal with all manner of odd size boxes with flaps to put them in when conditioning at room temp &/or storing. I've since started buying beers with the small,thick cardboard boxes,like Leinenkugel's & great lakes to get the 12 count boxes & toss any with twist offs. The leinenkugel's has separators as well!
I also got my order from (North American Cooper's distributor) that's just right for 12 bottles,up to 22oz too. I eventually want to get rid of the large boxes,& the thin pop cubes as well. Even have my son saving me the thick,sturdy 12 pack boxes. Just my thoughts.
By the way,Sapporo & Smithwick's work well also. I'm sure you can get those.
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