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I just had a bottle with the neighbor so the countdown is on!
I assume the results are in....?

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Originally Posted by jmjbj_h
It was a Brewer's Best Continental Pils (Ale). It called for a 3.3 of Coopers LME that was not out to date and a pound or so of DME. It has specialty grains for a steep too. I have not heard too much bad about the kits so far so I hope that was not the issue. I just had a bottle with the neighbor so the countdown is on!

I can not believe I am asking but what happen with you and your neighbor?

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I've been in that same boat before. Usually on a night when the beer just tastes too damn good to stop drinking. After about 9 Double IPA's on my last brew day, had one helluva fun night. Worst was when I went to a bar and ordered a Framboise and didnt see that the bartender had gurgled every last drop out of that bottle.

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Reinvented Biermann
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I had your problem once after drinking homebrew. . .but I distinctly remember eating a whole uncooked habanero pepper in addition.

You talk about "ring of fire". . . .

More like razorblades. . .
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Mr. Mojo Rising
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YES...the results are in and we have a winner!! It was not my beer and just a little exposure to a virus from the kids called ROTAVIRUS. Talk about a bad time.

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On a serious note, I made a brew which came out bad, I didn't have the heart to pour it out even though it was bad tasting. I left it in clear plastic jugs for months, and the only space left was next to the back door where it got a bit of sun as I went out to water my plants.

Well it was one of the last brews I had and I was drinking for the effect and not for the the flavor. I believe this is what gave me IBS due to food poisoning. All tests from the doctor said I'm fine except I was constantly burping and the preasure would build up against my heart and it would beat out of order until I burped enough. (2-3 hours of constant burping, even on an empty stomuch). It turns out I had a really bad yeast infection in my digestive track. I had to twist my doctors arm to get the anti-fungle (anti yeast) pills because he didn't believe me. There is more damage, but it solved 80% of it. I'm also on a gluten/sugar/caffiene/casin free diet, and I'm doing better, but I can't eat what I love any more.

I'm just saying, it may be too much yeast in your digestive track. Remove graines (flour, deep-fried anything, chips, cerial, etc), and alcohol for a few days to see if it gets better.

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Kids have been know to do of the hazards I guess. But Im sure the unfilter beer with yeast in suspension gave it that extra little squirt (Pun intended). Yeast is a powerful laxative....and you might have even got a bottle with more yeast in it.
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Same thing happens to me. I think it has more to do with an extremely high yeast content when compared with filtered store bought stuff. I find I feel quite ill the next day after drinking homebrew...much moreso than drinking commercial stuff.....and I keep my ferm temps low, so I know it is not a fusel alcohol problem. I've considered investing in a small filtration system, even though it can be a PITA I think it's worth it.

You may be sensitive to the yeast....but not so much so to be allergic. Certain grains have been known to cause the same symptoms.

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Originally Posted by LostBrewer View Post
It turns out I had a really bad yeast infection in my digestive track. I had to twist my doctors arm to get the anti-fungle (anti yeast) pills because he didn't believe me.
How did you know it was a yeast infection if the doctor ruled it out??
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The doctor didn't do anything but listen to me for 15 minutes and tell me to have antacid pills like Tums, and he gave me samples of more powerful stuff. This only doubled the length of time to be burping and in pain. I even asked him to do blood work to see if there was anything out of whack. Blood work was fine by the cholesterol was high.

As for how I came the conclusion, any ingredient with sugar, or grains (or alcohol - wine/beer/liquor) would cause the burping to get worse and put me in more suffering, for example, one "fun size" candy bar on a stomach which was empty for 8 hours would cause me extreme burping in 20 minutes which would last for about 3 hours. I spent months reading up on my symptoms, and trying different things. I basically eliminated everything until it was a digestive yeast infection. One easy sign was how quick fungus would grow inside my toilet bowl. I would have to clean the bowl once or twice a week to make sure guests aren't freaked out by the mess in the bowl, instead of once a month.

I've learned more since the last post. I have a weak liver, which isn't producing the enzymes to digest my food, which means the flora in my digestive track got out of whack allowing yeast (and everything else) to grow well. I had to increase how acidic my stomach was, so I added a shot of straight lemon juice and 2,000 milligrams of Vitamin C to the beginning of my meals and I felt normal. I went back to the doctor and told him I think the real cause for getting the digestive infection was from weak liver enzymes which caused the whole issue, and the doc said, "Yah I knew that." Than why didn't he tell me that?!

Anyways, I would say I'm 98% cured after nearly a year, but it's tolerable, and I know what will cause it to come back, and I just have to behave these days. The up side is I've lost 35 pounds and haven't gained them back.

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