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Jun 2009
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Anyone else have issues during allergy season? Sunday was a brew day and I drank 2 pints of sours for bottle dregs. Afterward, my sinuses felt like I had an infection. I attributed it to the acid in the sour, as I didn't want to admit a cold. The next morning, no issues.

Last night, I had about 4 oz of some porter I made. Again, dry, painful sinuses. I started doing some searching and it looks like people with allergies can experience dry sinuses after consuming alcohol. My sinuses are kind of dry anyway since I'm on Zyrtec, which has been working for allergies. I then remembered that I had kind of the same feeling about 2 weeks ago drinking SN Tumbler.

I want to test this theory a bit. I am going to attempt taking zero allergy meds today, unless it gets really bad. I guess nasal spray can help to.

Should I just cave and decide beer is not for me in the fall? I have a Dr. appt in the upcoming weeks, so I'll ask him too. Just wondering if anyone else on here has the same issues.

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Nov 2010
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My old man was never a drinker when i was growing up. He got drunk only very seldom only on holidays and when had what he called the croop. He would pound a pint of southern comfort which floored his a**. Im sure he had a hangover the next day but he was always over his croop.

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Doesn't really affect me. I have horrible allergies, but beer doesn't make them any worse. My dad on the other hand, pretty much doesn't drink beer for the whole of allergy season for the reasons you mentioned.

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My brother in law has allergies to hoppy beers. His throat closes up and his ears itch. I would be miserable!

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Sep 2011
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I used to get wicked reaction to beer but narrowed it down to mass produced commercial lagers.
Have been told that finnings used to make lagers clear (settle the sediment) can cause allergies &/asthma. It contains sulphites.
Another thing - I saw allergy doc who did the skin scratch test to see wot affects me. One was rye grasses & wheat. Did the 3yr allergy immune injections & now lots better.
And I rarely, if ever, drink lagers now.

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Aug 2011
raleigh, nc
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I find that mine is worse in the spring. I usually have to cut WAY back on beer in the spring time. I do find that stouts are better. I agree with Darkblade, that lagers are MUCH worse. I thought one year I was going to die from a Yuengling.

It pretty much sucks!

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I have pretty bad sinus and nasal allergy problems but I've never had any problems I attributed to alcohol. I wonder if some saline spray would take care of the dryness problem when you drink.

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Bob has really bad allergies, but alcohol doesn't seem to hurt. Sometimes he helps me crush grains, though, and that seems to irritate the allergies. As long as he drinks it, and doesn't help brew, he seems to be just fine!
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Mar 2009
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As long as he drinks it, and doesn't help brew, he seems to be just fine!
Sounds like some friends I have!

PS. Go Pack.

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Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by edecambra View Post
My brother in law has allergies to hoppy beers. His throat closes up and his ears itch. I would be miserable!
large amounts of hops do this to me, some worse than others.

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