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I recently brewed a beer,which i had help from here writing the recipe for, utilizing a hop burst. It turned out awesome! I think it's the best beer I've made yet.
I've brewed many other recipes I've found on this forum, and now I want to put something on here which other people can enjoy!

Hop Blast
Style: Black IPA (not black at all, but it's definitely not pale)
Batch size: 5 gal
Preboil vol: 6.5
Yeast: Wyeast 1332 North Western Ale
OG 1.065
FG 1.011
62.5 IBU

Grain Bill
9lb 2-row
3lb Munich Malt
1lb Crystal 70L
.5lb Toasted 2-row
.5lb Flaked Oats
2 oz Chocolate Malt
.5 oz Black Pattent

Nugget 13% 1.5oz Pellets 15 mins
Willamette 4.9% 4 oz Whole Hops 5 mins
Centennial 9% 4 oz Whole Hops 5 mins
Centennial 9% 1.5 oz Pellets Flameout
Willamette 4.8% 2 oz Pellets Flameout

1tbsp Bakers Yeast 15 mins as yeast nurtient
1tbsp Irish Moss 15 mins

Mash at 148 for 60, then 153 for 15. No mashout.

Collect 6.5 gallons of runnings. Separate out 1 gallon and boil extremely vigourously for 20 minutes while bringing the rest of the runnings to a boil in a different pot. Then add back in to the main pot. proceed with 60 minute boil. I did this to add some caramel notes.

Chill quickly to pitching temperature ~ 68F. Chilling quickly is important to limit the amount hop aroma lost. I got my pump and CF chiller hooked up before doing the flameout additions.

9 days in primary @ 66f
Cold crashed and force carb for 3 days, transfer keg to keg to leave settled yeast and sediment behind.

The toasted 2-row was in my oven for 15 minutes at 350F, half way through I stirred it up a bit because it was getting toasted unevenly. The mixture of whole, and pellet hops was not by design, but a result of what i had in my freezer.

The weird mashing schedule is a result of a crappy thermometer, i had aimed for 153 for 60, but ended up low, I jacked it up near the end to 153. I put it in the recipe here because I know that weird or not, I like the results.

I'm sure it would work fine, or even better if you primaried, then secondaried, then bottle conditioned, but it tasted remarkably good even after that short time. It didn't have even a hint of tasting "green".

I have it VERY highly carbonated to show off the hop aroma. I have very high quality taps on my kegorator, and i still have to serve at about 2 psi to pour a proper glass of this

For the tasting notes:

A - Pours a red-ish brown, with lots of head that subsided into a thin head, that never really dissipates

S - It smells sweet and floral with some roasty notes

T - Dominated by hop flavor. Bitter to start, but once your pallate adjusts the other hop flavours shine through, followed by malt & toasty/biscuity flavours. The after taste eventually settles into some grassy/piny flavours from the hops.

M - As noted above, very carbonated. It overshadows some of the mouth feel I was aiming to have with the oats.

I & my brewing buddy really like this beer... and i'm a little worried it won't last long enough to see what it's like with age. It's a little expensive in the hops department, but totally worth it. You'll never taste hops like this without doing this kind of hop schedule. I've never enjoyed hop flavours and aromas as much as in this.
If anyone else tries this, let me know what your results are!

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