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Brewed up an IPA a few weeks ago and it seems to have an acetaldehyde taste. I didn't notice the taste at all when I took my first hydrometer reading about 10 days after fermentation (the beer did taste young, but not sour apple like). I racked to the keg 10 days later (some splash, but it seems it is always unavoidable and I have never oxidized). Tasted on day 28 and that is when I first noticed the green apple taste. I attributed this to young beer and waited a few more days. Tasted again yesterday (day 33) and it still had some green apple taste, but now a more ethol alcohol (warm) taste. Is this acetaldeyde?

I don't have the exact recipe (at work) but off the top of my head here are the basics

8.5 lbs marris otter
1.5 lbs 60 l
1.5 lbs white wheat

hops used were chinook and cascade during the boil with an ounce of syrian goldings at flame out. Dry hopped with a quater ounce of chinook and two ounces of centennial.

white labs california ale, lag time between pitching and fermentation was less then 10 hours

OG 1.064 FG 1.011 fermented at 66 deg F

A few things I did notice out of the ordinary:

-I had two sets of krauzen, one less then 10 hours after pitching and then another after the first krauzen fell
-I lost power during hurricane irene = no temp control. this did happen well after fermentation was complete though.
-My carboy was cleaned prior to brewing, but my water left a white film on the inside after drying. I filled with starsan to remove the film and sanitize.
-The beer is hazy, which I am attributing to the white wheat malt

Thanks in advance!

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Everything sounds good. In my experience, a rising temp after the ferment is finished doesn't give a noticeable green apple taste.

I'm wondering if the wheat malt may be the problem? I haven't heard of using wheat in an IPA. I know that sometimes it can lend a slight tartness. Although it looks like you are using a small amount, and a clean yeast. Wheat would also make a beer cloudy, and it's dry hopped as well, which will do this also.

I don't know, man. You may have to send me a couple of bottles for me to be of any real help...

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I had a huge problem with acetyldehyde for a while. Everyone cries temp and sanitation but the solution for me was Oxygenation. I know a guy who ran an experiment on his recurring acetyldehyde problem, he took one batch, slipt it and added fresh yeast into half and then aged the other. The fresh yeast cleaned it up, aging did nothing. Just a thought if you need a solution. Good Luck!

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Sep 2009
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Cool, thanks. On the topic of oxygen for yeast, I did forget to mention that I chilled the wort and siphoned into the carboy, did my usual shake for oxygen but my temps were to high to pitch. I waited a few hours till the wort cooled then pitched, so my O2 count as pretty low by that point. Problem solved...Hopefully!

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