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Originally Posted by Brewsmith View Post
When the amount of hops sucks up all of the wort...
Yeah, you'd definitely have to account for all of that absorption. I would brew an extra half gal.
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I believe that part of what you are getting out of all these hops is the other elements, the oils and other compounds, in the hops. If you are just after the IBUs they say you can't detect more then 100 IBUs. The problem is that you need to have more then 100 "calculated" IBUs in order to get an actual 100 IBUs in a OG this high. Of course you only know your actual IBUs by lab testing so it is all theory for us Homies. I like the final flavor of this particular recipe and hop schedule. I have no idea what the actual IBUs is.
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Originally Posted by The Pol View Post
What does 246 IBUs taste like?
LOL!! I was looking at the recipe and I said HOLY ****ING **** LOOK AT THE IBU'S !!

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i have yet to do an all grain, but this recipe looks right up my kind of beer!

that said, is this recipe do-able extract version? also, if doing a 5 gallon batch, i'm going to be cutting everything by half. is that true for the hops as well? final question, and i hope this doesn't sound stupid, but do you need to do a 90 min boil if 1st hop addition is at 60?

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