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Mar 2011
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This is my first time racking to a secondary. I have a 6 gallon plastic carboy and it's been sitting in there for a month. I still hear it bubbling away once every 10 minutes or so, maybe a little longer between. Either way, I feel like it should be finished, but haven't had the time to check the SG in a while. Any ideas why it might still be bubbling?

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Dec 2011
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Just bought ingredients to make this again. Hoping that it will turn out. last year it took a long amount of aging before I enjoyed it; I think that was my bad though, and not the recipe.

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Mar 2012
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Made a 5 gallon AG batch for the neighborhood Halloween party and the keg didn't last the night. I did add my own twist by soaking 2oz. medium toasted Hungarian Oak soaked in 4oz of Capt Morgan spiced rum for 3 weeks. Added to keg after racking and aged it for 1 month. It adds additional layer of spicy goodness.

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Oct 2011
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My brewing friends and I brewed up a 5 gallon AG batch this past weekend. No big suprises. Had a momentary stuck sparge while taking first runnings but we fixed that quickly by removing the mash, cleaning out the false bottom unit and making sure the screen stayed flat while pooring the mash back in. Worked like a charm. We used 1lb of rice hauls for piece of mind just in case. Color and aroma were exactly what I expected going into the primary. I checked it yesterday and it was bubbling away nicely. Can't wait to try this!
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Aug 2012
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Brewed this one a couple months ago. Did a couple things different. I added another .25oz hops at the last minute for flavor, worked well, kind of helped cut some of the sweetness from the pumpkin flavor. For the pumpkin, I ended up buying a pumpkin (large) and scraped the inside clean and cut it into about 1.5x1.5 inch chunks. Put on ALL of the different spices, then cooked the pumpkin in my waterless cookware. After it was softish (its a word now) I put the pieces into tight mesh hop bag and put it in at the boil, took it out after 60 min. I kept stirring it around every 10 min or so to get the wort moving through the bag. The result was AMAZING. I had some pumpkin ale at BJ's (SoCal brewery and pizza joint) and I liked this one better. Kuddos on the recipe.

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Feb 2012
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Made this last Saturday, scaled to a 10 gallon recipe and it was too much for my stainless braid to handle, collapsed it and caused a stuck sparge. After 7 hours of draining I finally had about 6.5g so I boiled... Imperial pumpkin anyone? :-)
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Jan 2012
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I made a this a few months ago and changed just the yeast. I thought a nice twist would be a Belgian (550) yeast. Nope. Either the yeast ate all the pumpkin flavor or my pumpkin pie spice blows. Still, the end product is tasty. It turned out to be a slightly spiced Belgian amber. I'll be using the grain bill for my next Belgian amber (very good), and us-05 for the next pumpkin beer. C'est la vie.

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Originally Posted by brettwasbtd View Post
Just tapped the keg of this. Pretty tasty! I was worried that 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice at kegging wasn't going to be enough, but its just where it should be! You can smell it in the nose, taste it in the beer, but it is not overpowering. Thanks for the recipe Yuri!
So 3 weeks later and the spice has really subsided. Can't smell it in the nose and is not very prominent... Might need to make a tincture or use more spice next year. YMMV just keeping everyone in the loop on my thoughts

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Jul 2012
Wilmington, DE
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I copied the recipe for the most part with only a few changes.
I used 0.3 oz. of Nugget hops instead of the Goldings, I added more than a tsp of spices (8 g), and I added a small amount (0.33 oz) of vanilla extract at bottling (GF requested pumpkin roll beer).

Not really sure if I did something wrong but it came out tasting more like a Belgian wheat than a pumpkin beer. I don't taste the vanilla at all (which is ok, I wanted to play it conservative), but I can also barely taste the spice and it has a really pronounced Belgian yeasty taste.

It's also much lighter in color than I expected (like 4 or 5 SRM), lighter than another one I brewed using less specialty grain and late extract addition. Is that indicative of anything?

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Click image for larger version

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Happy thanksgiving, london esb yeast brewed 3 months ago tastes great!

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