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Jun 2011
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I hear that so Often at work I love bud light. really ? are your serious.... People like that piss me off.. I still cant get over that , general population in the united States do not know what real beer taste like... So when I hear that at work I give them a home brew... and I hear again and again. ... damn man you should sell this... but you know we all have heard the same response..... that being said... I am ranting about how people are so blind to the fact that Bud really is the bottom of the barrell of beer.

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Bud is OK. I prefer almost all other, but in a pinch it's fine.

Try not to get pissed off. You could live in squalortown, africa. Eating rations from tribal thugs in pickups. You'd like a bud light then, I'd bet.

- Andrew

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I grew up in the UK, and was weaned on Burton Ales. I've been in the US now for a couple of decades, and still find Budmiloors pretty much tastless. But they do have a couple of things going for them:

1) Cheap when compared to craft brews.

2) On a hot day, a really cold Bud is probably better than anything else to quickly quench your thirst. Most craft brews are heavier and/or similarly tasteless at those temperatures.

Everything has it's place, just like Coffee in the morning, and Orange Juice with breakfast.

Given the choice, I would choose almost any craft brew over Budmiloors. My biggest frustration is that many places don't offer an alternative to it.

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Most Americans are mass market consumers and will likely stay that way. Budweiser, McDonald's, Wonder Bread and bad TV aren't going to disappear. A small percentage of the BMC crowd would drink better beer if they were properly exposed to it. As a lead in try asking one of these sheeple to describe what Bud tastes like. Then give them one of your brews and tell them they are actually now tasting malt and hops.

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My favorites are the ones that think the beer tastes great when chilled to the point they almost start to get ice in the bottles/cans, my old boss drinks Coos lite has his beer fridge set to 30* cans in the back are sometimes slushy

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Originally Posted by Dilligans View Post
general population in the united States do not know what real beer taste like...
how is a light American lager not a "real" beer?

Just because you may not care for the style does not mean that's it's not beer.

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Bud and Coors Lite are my 2 LEAST favorite beers. And I have tried a lot of the really cheap beers. Anyone that I hang out with are free to drink any swill they want to just don't expect me to follow suit.

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Aug 2011
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My doctor says to drink 10 8 oz glasses of water every day. I substitute natural lite. And compared to my tap water I love it.

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Jun 2011
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I do the opposite actually. If I know someone at work is a BMC drinker, they DON'T get any of my home brew. I doubt they would appreciate it or hell, even like it.
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Originally Posted by AZ_IPA View Post
how is a light American lager not a "real" beer?

Just because you may not care for the style does not mean that's it's not beer.
I agree with this one. BMC has its place in the market (a big $$ place) as well as in the overall beer styles picture. I think myself as somewhat of a beersnob among friends but do not have one problem drinking a macro america light lager with them, or by myself for that matter. I am drinking Straub right now (No sugar salt or preservatives added FTW!), and find it very refreshing on this hot humid night. More tasty than the Ofest I have on tap considering the conditions.

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