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I would order another stopper or cap now. A few days during initial fermentation will keep air out but once that's done, it will start letting the co2 escape and air in (usually 4-5 days).
That said, if it was me, id just chance the foil unless it was going to be in there over a couple weeks
Originally Posted by nootay View Post
Its not terrible, but i get an armpit armoma and flavor.

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I've accidentally pushed my stopped into my carboy too far once, not enough to dunk it in but enough that it was flush with the top. Had a hell of a time getting it out. I wish I could offer a solution to the actually retrieving of said stopper, but wow I can't even fathom how to get that out once you've siphoned your beer out.

My sympathies, best of luck! And your beer will be fine, most likely, unless your stopper was previously used as a drain stopper in your bathtub

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Originally Posted by Hefanatic View Post
At the worst your beer could be a little light but most likely you won't be able to detect a difference.
i actually passed my anticipated OG from 1.067 to 1.071

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I have an 8 gallon pot, which is a little small for my AG batches (7 gallon pre-boil). I had a small boil over at hot break and so i just pulled out about 1/2 gallon into my bucket and added back over the next 15 mins when the boil was more stable (and allowed for some evaporation). Seemed to work well.

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Always a good idea to have many extras of things like stoppers and airlocks. Like others have said you should get another one on there with airlock ASAP. With tinfoil, once fermentation subsides, you run the risk of air entering carboy.
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Originally Posted by zodiak3000

i actually passed my anticipated OG from 1.067 to 1.071
Consider the multiple factors that can effect OG. With the multiple boil overs, and issues with boil time and hop additions your reading could be off by a decent amount. It also could be dead on, which means your mistakes helped you. Either way, you made beer and I am sure it will be just fine.
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