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Dec 2010
hughes springs, Texas
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I usually brush and rinse out the glass with hot water and put it on a drying rack, I will inspect every glass before I put it away.
the pilsner and English pinters go on the rack next to the keezer and the 16 and 22 oz tankards go in the hop freezer.
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Jul 2011
Edmonton, Alberta
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Wash by hand, don't have a dishwasher. I store all my beer glasses right next to the kegerator. Opens up the kitchen cupboards and this way I can direct friends to grab a beer and everything's in one spot.

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Mar 2011
Seattle, Wa
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I see your fetishes with brewing have extended to the precision care of your mugs. I personally only have 2 mugs that I care for, my English 1/2 pint I got from my trip to Australia, and my playboy mug. I wash them by hand and back in the freezer they go. The 1/2 pint glass I use to test beers. The playboy mug is only frozen and used on my ceremonial winter brew each year. Other then that I have many others that I mistreat and get sloppy drunk with.
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Dec 2009
Independence, Missouri
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Cleaned in the dishwasher and stored in the freezer.
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Feb 2011
Boston, MA
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Regular pint glasses go in dishwasher. Special/rare/fragile glasses get washed by hand. Then they all go in the glass cabinet where I keep all the special glasses.
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Sep 2009
Isle of Staten
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^ exactly the same.

My friend's mother gave me a really nice old curio they were going to toss and it holds my almost 100 glasses.
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Nov 2010
Philly, PA
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I'm the only beer drinker in the house. I rinse it in hot water after drinking it, then rinse it in RO water so it doesn't water spot, put it on the rack to dry, then into the cupboard until next time.
If I have guests, every glass gets a light soapy sponge, rinse, then a hand dry. That way nobody gets a dusty or water spotted glass. That goes double for wine glasses.

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Old 09-01-2011, 12:20 AM   #18
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Feb 2011
Boise, Idaho
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I usually just let my dog lick them clean. It's a win win. He loves beer and I heard that their mouth is supposed to be super clean......

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Dec 2010
lincoln, ri
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I usually just put them in the dishwasher. I'm usually lazy to rinse them but I do notice the graphics don't last as long. I may start cleaning by hand and just rinsing really well.

I might just try to find something small online to buy and put next to my keezer to store my glasses.
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Flocculation Nation
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Sep 2009
Los Osos, CA
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All by hand: nuclear hot water, PBW (or Palmolive soap if I'm out), and a clean sponge I use exclusively for glasses.
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