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Originally Posted by Chimone
well for home protection I have a Ruger POS err i mean p-89

for fun I have this bad boy. 16 balls per second hurts

NICE marker. Back in the day I used to use a nitrogen powered Minimag and a Autococker for tourneys (that was when nitrogen was just comming out)and would use a VM68 (with a barrel chopped to 4"), Parhania pump action, and PGP pistol for screwing around with the weekend warriors.

Nothing is better then laying back and plugging rounds into someone at a rate of 16-20/second except sneaking up and putting 1 into the back of their head from 10 feet away.
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My Father was a small arms instructor in the Air Force have been shooting/hunting all my life, I use to love to go to work with him when I was a kid. Currently have 1917 Enfield 30-06 with Fireball barrel, Ruger Redhawk 41 mag, Remmington 11-87, 1100 and many others..
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Feb 2007
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I've got a 12ga Remington 870 Express(seems like a pretty popular gun around these parts) I have the Combo model with the interchangeable rifled barrel for slugs and the smooth bore. I also just picked up a Marlin 925M .22mag, it's a lot of fun for target shooting, need to get a scope though.
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Flyin' Lion
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Another 870 express owner here, also own a few paintball guns and one stays loaded for squirrels and stray cats.
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Bernie Brewer
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I have a Model 70 Winchester that is my main deer rifle(won it in a raffle). All my other guns I inherited from my dad when he died. My pheasant & other small game shotgun is a Remington 870 Wingmaster. I also have a WWII Japanese Arisaka 7.7 mm rifle. It's really not worth much because the "mum" is ground off, but it's still a nice conversation piece and it still fires and I can shoot the eyes out of a rattler at 100 yds with it. Shells are getting to be hard to come by, though.........
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Hmmmm. Guns & Beer.....Hmmmmm

Any AR-15 owners out there. (besides Copperhed )
I have a post-ban AR-15. Never had a chance to fire it though I would love to set the BZO on it.
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Alaskan Assassin
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Nov 2006
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I've had a lot of fun with my S&W 460 w/ 8 1/2" barrel. It chambers 454 and 45LC too! Its for bear protection (and fun).

I would love to build a AR-15...too many projects!

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Jan 2006
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Hmmmm. Guns & Beer.....Hmmmmm

Any AR-15 owners out there. (besides Copperhed )
I've really been wanting an AR-10 from DPMS, but I have other priorities before I buy one (like a new motorcycle )

I own a .40 Smith & Wesson SW40VE, which is a nice gun (poor man's Glock) but the trigger pull is WAY too heavy. Also a 12 gauge Remington 870, a .30-06 Savage, a .50 Hawkins muzzleloader, and what I consider the best gun ever made - a Ruger 10/22.

I've regretted every gun I've ever sold, but I really want to get rid of the Savage and buy the AR-10.

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Reinvented Biermann
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Hmmmm. Guns & Beer.....Hmmmmm

Any AR-15 owners out there. (besides Copperhed )
Got two of them, plus a nice little collection of other stuff. . .

and in my past time, I work as a SWAT physician for our Sheriff's Dept.

MP-5's rock. My duty weapon is a Glock 23 with a tactical light.

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Was that photo taken in IL?

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