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Here's some info on beverages that again you ideas for possible ingredients. Found this on wikipedia.

I hilighted a couple,

The traditional breakfast drink, besides coffee, is called agua dulce ("sweet water") and is made from tapa de dulce an ingredient very similar to the American "brown sugar". "Tapa de Dulce" is made with Sugar cane juice which is boiled down in traditional trapiches and put to solidify in conical molds with the top cut off called tapas ("lids"). Then some of this tapa is scraped off and dissolved into boiling water or milk to make the agua dulce.

Coffee is usually served at breakfast and during traditional coffee breaks in the afternoon, usually around 2:00pm. It has traditionally been brewed in a native Costa Rican drip brew device called a chorreador.

The traditional drinks for lunch are called refrescos or frescos for short and consist of liquefied fruits diluted in either water or milk and sweetened to taste. They come in many varieties such as melon, blackberry, strawberry, watermelon, mango, tamarind, passion fruit, guanabana, cas and lemon or lime. You could maybe find some syrups like quanabana, Cas, Tamarind, etc)

Another popular drink is known as a granizado, a slush drink made of finely shaved ice and flavored syrup. The most popular flavor is kola. This is not the cola usually associated with carbonated soda but a fruity cherry flavored syrup. It is usually served with evaporated and/or condensed milk on top.

The national liquor of Costa Rica, guaro, is made from sugarcane. Natives often drink guaro as a shot or mixed with juice or soda. The cost of guaro is very cheap compared to beer (cerveza) in Costa Rica which has only one producer. Imperial is the most popular beer and is an American style lager that is also available in Light. Pilsen is a Bohemian style Pilsner produced in Costa Rica. During the 2007 holiday season, a 6.0 version with higher alcohol content was produced. Due to its popularity, production of Pilsen 6.0 was continued through mid-2008. At that point, it was replaced with Pilsen Red. It has a 5.2% alcohol content and a hint of red coloring. Bavaria is offered in Light, Dark or Gold. The Dutch beer, Heineken, is also produced in Costa Rica. Import beers can be found in some markets, but are common only in parts of San José or larger tourist towns.

Costa Rica produces an excellent rum: Ron Centenario and the Flor de Caña rums made in Nicaragua are also widely available.
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Went to costa rica for my honeymoon back in January. Just an fyi, costa rica exports all its best fruits and coffee to... anyone, anyone... to the good ole USA. I would look for spices before trying to buy coffee and fruit. Chances are we already have their coffee and fruit.

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you prob won't find too much rare and exotic stuff in puerto viejo like you would in a large city market but - fairly small beach community

i highly suggest the whole red snapper and coconut rice there though

also if you have time and enjoy reading grab In Search of Captain Zero - pretty good read about a guy who chases an old friend down through Mexico and ends up there - Captain Zero supposedly still lives down there, at least we met someone claiming to be him

have fun

Pura Vida!

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It is probably too late for your trip but I thought I can reply and that could help someone else.

Of course there is a lot ingredients to try. I dont know about issues with customs in the USA.. I travel frequenly and ussually as long as it is sealed package there is no issue if quantities are small... meat and plants can be more complicated.

Anyway, I'm Costa Rican and a homebrewer (and we are very very few) my good friend Joe just gave me the other day a Stout with cocoa grains stepped in Guaro and tapa dulce. I like it...

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Yeah my trip is over, and may I say that you have an incredible country! We had a fantastic time. We rafted the Paquare, went deep sea fishing, skimmed the rain forest canopy via zip line, and drank more Imperial than I care to remember. I had the opportunity to eat raw cocoa bean slime out of a cocoa fruit "pod"??, not sure what it was but it was offered to us by an indigineous man while eating lunch on our rafting trip. All I brought back for brewing was a crap ton (actual measurement) of coffee. BTW, the night before we left we stayed at the Dunn Inn in San Jose and that place f***ing rocked!
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While your in Puerto Viejo, stop by The POINT SPORTS BAR AND GRILL to try Costa Rica Craft Brewery micro beers. We offer a tropical golden ale and a red ale. Ask for Toby, I'm the owner.

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